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Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race is a 2D action sports game developed by Blitz Games and Mobius Entertainment Ltd., and subsequently published by Mattel Media and Vivendi Games. It was released exclusively in North America on September 17th, 2003 and is based on the popular Barbie doll license.


Barbie has decided to enter the Primrose Hill Charity Cup to aid in the funding of the adoption of horses. The cup consists of 4 different cups and trials to help better the horse adoption situation in the world.


Barbie enjoying the magnificent scenery with her trusty steed.
Barbie enjoying the magnificent scenery with her trusty steed.
Blue Ribbon Race challenges Barbie to race and tightly maneuver her horse around several racetracks and obstacle courses. Along the way, Barbie can collect the letters of her name to add extra time to her timer. In several occasions, Barbie will have to dismount her horse to safely cross bridges while the race continues.

In addition, there are four mini-games to play between races or events.
  • Maze Valley: Navigate a maze to the end.
  • Horseshoes: Toss a horseshoe for prizes.
  • Happy Trails: Get the horse down the right track while track pieces rotate.
  • Shoe Shuffle: Get the 3 rings across 3 poles without breaking the order. (Towers of Hanoi)


  • Use the password BBBV8 SBB to unlock everything in the game.

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