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    An Arkanoid-inspired game for PC.

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    Players control a paddle that can be moved along the bottom of the screen (however, there is also a power-up that allows for vertical movement). The paddle is used to bounce a ball around the playfield. If the ball hits a brick, the brick gets destroyed. Some bricks award power-ups after being destroyed. Upon clearing all the bricks from the playfield, players will progress to the next level.

    The game also includes enemies and boss monsters - bosses are encountered after every ten levels.

    Power Ups

    • Glue paddle
    • Bound paddle
    • Automatic paddle
    • Flying Paddle
    • Shooting paddle
    • Extra life
    • Score doubler
    • Lava ball
    • Weapon upgrade (5 levels)
    • Smart bomb
    • Slowdown
    • Ball doubler
    • Wider bat (5 steps)
    • Level jump
    • Gasified paddle
    • Beer
    • Cage
    • Speedup
    • Random
    • Skull

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