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Barlowe is the founder of the Order of Ecclesia, one of the many groups dedicated to keeping Dracula at bay in the absence of the Belmont clan. Within Ecclesia lies the remains of Dracula, a nearly indestructible relic that if destroyed, will prevent Dracula's resurrection. Barlowe's research has resulted in Dominus, a weapon powerful enough to perform such a task, and Shanoa is tasked with doing so. However, right before Shanoa prepares to do so, Albus, another of Barlowe's disciples, steals Dominus and flees. Barlowe then tasks Shanoa with finding Dominus and bringing back Albus if possible.


In actuality, the Order of Ecclesia exists for the resurrection of Dracula, and the relic in Ecclesia is actually a seal. It is actually Barlowe's intention to have Shanoa sacrifice her life with Dominus to resurrect the dark lord. In the bad ending, after Shanoa finds Dominus, she uses it and dies. However, the results of this action are not shown and it is initially unbeknownst to the player that Dracula was actually resurrected and not destoyed.

However, should you meet the requirements for the good ending, Albus will warn Shanoa not to use Dominus, and refuses Barlowe's will. Barlowe then reveals his true intentions are to kill Shanoa and revive Dracula. He tries to defeat Shanoa, but fails. However, he succeeds in awakening Dracula, sacrificing his life to do so.

His name is likely a reference to Kurt Barlowe, the vampire from Stephen King's book, Salem's Lot.

If you are trying to get the good ending, you will fight Barlowe in Ecclesia as the game's 9th boss. He will fly around the room and try to hit you with spells. He will also use the Globus Glyph attack. You can get this glyph off of the Demon Lord enemy, but it is much easier to steal it from Barlowe. One of his attacks consists of surrounding himself in an electric barrier and trying to run into you. His next 2 attacks work in tandem with each other. The first is freezing a section of the floor. If you touch it, you will freeze, which triggers his second attack. He will charge a large ball of electricity above you and shoot a bolt of lightning from it, because you are frozen the attack is unavoidable. He also has an attack where he will fire off fireballs that track your location.

When his health is low, he will cry out "Die, Shanoa!" and teleport around the room to try and punch you 5 times, while crying out: 

"How dare you...  

...even forgetting...   

...who raised you...  

...stupid disciple!

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