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    Barney's Hide and Seek Game

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 01, 1993

    As the famous children's PBS icon, guide Barney through the levels as he searches for children playing hide and seek, as well as special collectible objects.

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    Barney is a friendly dinosaur who likes playing with children. One day Barney and his little friends decide to play hide-and-seek game. Barney's task is to find the children and the presents they have hidden. Barney travels across four different levels. On each one there are five children and five presents to find. Barney can only jump in the game when there are higher platforms to access. Despite being a platformer, this is not an action game, since Barney can't die and there are no quick reactions required to complete the game. The game is designed for little children and has a very low difficulty level.

    In fact if the player remains idle for too long Barney will start looking for the kids without input, in essence the game would play itself.


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