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    Baron Aloha

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The arch-rival to Jumping Flash's starring robot, Robbit. Baron Aloha is a self-professed 'Mad Scientist' bent on turning the best parts of the Milky Way into his own private luxury resort.

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    "Baron Aloha," begins the introduction to the original Jumping Flash! "A black shadow threatening the safety of peaceful worlds. An evil scientist who frightens children and is bent on slavery. A giant robot has seized a peaceful world and carried it off. Aloha's evil plan is to turn it into a huge private retreat for himself." 
    His plan thwarted by Robbit, Baron Aloha reveals that the first six stages were just a warmup and that his robotic underlings are really ready for a fight in Extra mode. Ultimately, though, Robbit deflates the Baron and sends him careening off into the deep reaches of the Milky Way.

     Personality and Evolution

    Though he starts out as a typical be-monocled, gritted-teeth, overdramatic sci-fi mad scientist, Baron Aloha changes immensely after the first game ends. His original gruff scientist voice (provided by Brian Bowles) is replaced by an outlandish German accent that sets the irreverent tone for the game from the very first scene of Jumping Flash! 2. Stranded with a MuuMuu sidekick, the Baron makes a desperate and ironic phonecall to Universal City Hall asking for Robbit's help in reclaiming the stolen chunks of his backwater hideaway, Little Muu. 
    As Robbit reclaims pieces of the planet from the interstellar enigma that is Captain Kabuki, cut scenes show Baron Aloha reacting to the action. Torn over how well Robbit is doing, his MuuMuu sidekick even double checks with the Baron if he wants Robbit to win or not. After Robbit finally defeats Captain Kabuki, Baron Aloha quickly enslaves the "overrated humpty dumpty" and combines their powers to "schtomp that Rabbit vonce and fer zertain".


    So committed to Baron Aloha's German accent was the U.S. translation team that they wrote half of the instruction manual in overacted German with phrases like "Turn und move to der right" and "Use a Special Veapon".   
    The games were created and coded by Exact but most, if not all, of the characters were designed by a small Japanese design group coincidentally known as, MuuMuu CO., LTD.    

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