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    Barony is a 3D first person roguelike dungeon crawler game where your goal is to descend into the depths of Devil's Bastion and fight your way through hundreds of unforgiving creatures to finally confront and kill the evil lich Baron Herx.

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    Created by Turning Wheel LLC, Barony is intended to recall the complex mechanics of a game like Nethack (unidentified potions, items with curses, random monster encounters, etc.) in a more modern first-person, real-time 3D pixel art setting reminiscent of games like Minecraft and Delver. It also features a cooperative multiplayer mode.


    Like most traditional roguelikes, Barony revolves around levelling up your character through killing monsters, collecting unidentified potions and objects, managing your character's hunger, exploring randomly-generated dungeons, and dying very frequently. There's a scoring system in place to give players a sense of how they did on their latest playthrough.

    Barony features two major departures from traditional roguelike design: real-time combat and movement, and a first-person perspective that simultaneously evokes Ultima Underworld and Minecraft.


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