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Barret Wallace is one of the lead characters in SquareSoft's seminal RPG Final Fantasy VII. Beginning the game as the leader of AVALANCHE - an anti-Shinra terrorist organisation - Barret is a hot-headed and aggressive presence whose primary weapon is a gun positioned in place of his right arm, which was grafted on following the Shinra attack on his hometown of Corel. This attack claimed the life of many of his fellow villagers and his wife. Barret is characterised as an agressive and quick-to-act individual, whose head is often ruled by his heart. However, he also has a caring and affectionate side, as demonstrated by his devotion to his adopted daughter Marlene (Barret adopts Marlene following the dealth of his wife and her mother).

Limit Breaks

Level 1

  • Big Shot
  • Mind Blow

Level 2

  • Grenade Bomb
  • Hammerblow

Level 3

  • Satellite Beam
  • Ungarmax

Level 4

  • Catastrophe

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