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    Barricade is the fastest ground based Decepticon. A vicious fighter, he also carries the infiltration Decepticon Frenzy to help in his deep cover missions

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    Barricade became a member of Starscream’s Decepticon team after Megatron left Cybertron in search of the Allspark.

    He is the pilot of the Decepticon ship, the Nemesis, and, under Starscream’s orders, followed the Autobots Ark to earth.

    Like Blackout, Barricade has a partner, the small infiltration robot Frenzy who resides in his chest plate.

    Barricade and Frenzy are the only Decepticons who can blend into to civilian environment.


    Barricade is a staunch Decepticon, believing in the cause and always remaining loyal to Megatron.

    Though he has the tenacity to speak out against Starscream’s leadership, he rarely does so, willing to put up with it so long as they actually find Megatron.

    Barricade knows when to pick and choose his fights, and when Blackout challenges Starscream for leadership, states he will not get involved as the out come is already a foregone conclusion.

    Barricade is a deadly melee combatant, and prefers to close the gap with his enemies rather than fight at a distance. Bumble Bee once defeated Barricade in a fight.


    Barricade is a Saleen S281 Extreme police car, with the a play off the standard police badge and slogan which, below the Decepticon symbol states ‘To punish and Enslave’! 


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