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The bumbling sidekick of Alan Wake's titular hero, he is rarely seen without his big red parka and vacant expression. As Alan's agent he tries to stay in constant communication with him and make him feel comfortable. So much so that when Alan drops off the grid for a week, Barry drops everything and sets off on the search for "his Bestseller." Once he gets to him and realizes that the story Alan told him about crazy paranormal events was true, he risks his life to stay with his friend Alan so that he can help him rescue his missing wife.

Barry is an egotistic New Yorker that thinks very highly of himself being the agent for a best-selling author. He is constantly looking for things that he can make some sort of profit off or trying to convince Alan to start writing again. He is easily influenced, especially by the opposite sex.

In Alan Wake, there are amusing interaction options with Barry. If you point your flash light at him, he'll tell you "where to shove it" and if you turn off the lights in a room he's in he will make snarky remarks about sitting in the dark.

In The Signal DLC, Barry appears as a figment of Alan's imagination in "the Dark Place" which is shaped by Alan's mind. "Not-Barry" will disappear and reappear many times during the DLC, and get into many hilarious conversations with Alan along the way.

Barry plays little role in the story of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, but he does show up in a cutscene on either end of the game, where he is sleeping in a room playing the episode of "Night Springs" depicting the game. Additionally, a cardboard cut-out of Barry can be found in the game as a hidden collectible.

Barry is voiced by Fred Berman.


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