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Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly is a 2D platform game for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld gaming system. The game's plot is similar to that of The Simpsons episode "Kamp Krusty", however the episode didn't air until September 1992.


Bart and Lisa are sent to spend the summer at camp. However the camp is the dangerous and strangely honestly-named Camp Deadly; a camp run by a distant relative of Mr. Burns known as "Ironfist" Burns. His intentions are, for some inexplicable reason, to make sure that the children stay in line and have as little fun as possible. Eventually Bart realizes that it is too dangerous to stay at the camp, and he makes a night-time escape over Mount Deadly and through a dark forest.


Flag capture

In camp deadly, both the Morning and Afternoon Activities are games of capture the flag in a dense forest verses the adult camp staff.

Food breaks

The lunch and dinner breaks turn into a gauntlet against food-tossing counselors. Contains Hamburgers for the staff and, and the less appealing tofu burgers for the children.

Mount Deadly

Bart finally escapes the camp and takes him up the mountain in the middle of the night.

Escape to the power station

The game's final stage starts out in a forest at night, and ends in the outskirts of a power station in the morning where Bart gets help from Homer.


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