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    Basara Kubikiri

    Character » appears in 14 games

    An original character from the Samurai Shodown franchise. His main weapon is a giant shuriken linked to a long metal chain.

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    Basara and his wife Kagaribi were both killed by the demon Zankuro. Because his hate for the demon was so deep, he came back from the dead. Although his heart and mind had gone mad, he hunts Zankuro for revenge. After Zankuro had been killed, Basara searched for ways to finally rest in peace. After finding out that Amakusa was the one who brought him back from the dead, he heads for Shimabara to kill Amakusa His soul was eventually captured by Mizuki and was sealed away.  


    • Basara is likely based on the manga character Kubikiri Asa, as there are several parallels between the two. Both are known as executioners, and both men killed their own lovers.

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