Baseball Mogul 2009

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    The 2009 edition of the PC only career baseball management simulation. From your computer control every aspect of the game, from on the field decisions, to trading and free agency, and all the behind the scenes action.

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    About Baseball Mogul 2009

    Baseball Mogul 2009 is NOT a game for those who want to hit a home run, turn a double play or make a fantastic diving catch. This PC only game is for those who want to be so deep into the management aspect of the game of baseball that they could get lost for hours and hours. You can control pretty much every aspect of the game from the mouse and keyboard. Not only can you control every single pitch of a game as the manager, but you also play as the general manager or the owner of a baseball franchise. But, not only could you take control of your favorite team for the 2008 season, you can take control of your favorite team at ANY point in the history of baseball. Want to try to help the Cubs not go 100 years without a World Series win, you can do it. Want keep the Red Soxs from trading Babe Ruth, that can also be done with a click of the mouse.


    Oversee an entire baseball franchise. Play as the owner and control all aspects of the business of your franchise. Build new stadiums, advertise to draw more fans, control prices of concessions and merchandise. Play as the general manager and control what free agents you sign, trade players, and scout future prospects for the Amateur Draft. Play as the manager and not only make lineup changes but also control player development and control every pitch of the game.

    Starting a New Game

    First choose the year that you want to start from, the teams in the leagues, and  your difficulty level (Fan, Coach, Manager, or Mogul). As you increase the difficulty the AI strengths increase and the initial budget decreases. Below are more options that you must set before you start a new game:

    Equalize Cities:

    Generate cities and regions with identical population bases. Making everything even will make it easier to play with smaller market teams.

    Shuffle All Teams:

    Randomize all rosters for all teams.

    Fictional Players:

    Creates fictional players with random stats.

    Fictional Teams:

    Rename all teams.

    Fictional Rookies:

    Generates fictional rookies for the Amateur Draft. The option can be combined with Historical Rookies but will automatically be on if Historical Rookies is off.

    Historical Rookies:

    Creates historical players as rookies to the Amateur Draft. Only players with MLB experience qualify, and the depth of the player pool depends on the year the player starts. Lack of data may cause player shortages in Fictional Rookies is off. Games set in the present cannot enable Historical Rookies.

    Simulation Mode:

    Smooths fluctuations in player performance allowing for a more accurate prediction of a games outcome.

    Player Rating

    Player ratings are created on a 100 point scale. Ratings change overtime with player development, aging, and injuries. All players have an overall rating, a peak projection of overall performance at the height of the player's career and a health rating.

    Position players are rated on batting, baserunning, and fielding. Batting is decided with contact and power ratings, influencing the player's batting average and extra base hits. The Eye rating is decides the player's swing, with the highly rated players properly identifying good pitches and bad. Other ratings include bunt and speed. Defensive ratings are broken down into range, arm, and fielding.

    Pitchers are rated on their power (pitch velocity and strikeout rate), control (pitch placement and walk rate), movement (the action or movement of the pitchers pitches), and endurance (pitcher fatigue). Pitcher also have a separate hitting and defense rating, so a highly rated pitcher will not be someone you want to hit every single day.

    Online Play

    Play online using a web interface with other players of the game. Play in either free leagues or paid leagues which include more options and better scouting reports.


    A demo for the game is available here.

    System Requirements

    P600 or better (or Pentium-compatible)
    Memory: Required 256 MB, Recommended 512 MB
    OS:Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista

    Hard Drive Space:

    250 MB
    Display: At least 1024 x 768 screen resolution

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