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    A professional and amateur sport, played world-wide, in which two teams advance a ball up and down a court in order to score "field goals," by throwing the ball through a basket or hoop. The team with the highest score at the end of timed play wins.

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    Basketball is a team sport in which 2 teams try to score points by throwing a basketball to the opponents' hoop. This game is fast paced is a great sport to learn. Here's how the game works: When the game begins, the referee throws the ball up in the air to determine who will shoot first. This is called a 'jump ball'. Then the team has 24 seconds on the shot clock to pass and shoot to your teammates. If you shoot before the 24 seconds are up, then you score points based on the shot that you make. Normal shots earn you two points, while three-pointers give you three. Free throws are extra shots that only one player can make for the team and if successful, then you earn an addition point. In Mario Hoops 3 on 3, you can score up to 140 points if you make a successful shot. If you don't make the shot within the 24 seconds, then a buzzer will sound. This is called a shot clock violation. Each quarter in an NBA game last 12 minutes while Mario Hoops 3 on 3 last up to 3:20. The team with the most points at the end of all four quarters is declared the winner of the game, unless if there is a tie. When both teams have the same amount, then overtime starts. In overtime, teams have five extra minutes to score any additional points that they'll earn along the with the points they have in regulation. When the five minutes are up, a winner is declared or another overtime period will occur. The sport also appeared in various movies like Space Jam, Like Mike, and many others. The sport also played a major role in the NBA franchise, and the Nintendo DS game Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It also appeared in Wii Sports Resort as one of the 12 activities, and Mario Sports Mix as one of the sports. You can play basketball indoors or out.

    Although it originated in North America, basketball in recent years has gained significant popularity in other countries and is currently the second most popular sport in the world.



    • Free Throw: 1
    • Normal: 2
    • 3-Pointer (Behind the 3-point line): 3

    Mario Hoops 3 on 3

    With Items

    • Normal: 20 plus number of coins
    • 3-pointer: 30 plus number of coins
    • Special: 40 plus number of coins

    Without Items

    • Normal: 2
    • 3-Pointer: 3
    • Special: 4

    Time Limit


    • Each Quarter: 12:00
    • Shot Clock: :24
    • Free Throw: :15
    • Overtime: 5:00


    • Each Half: 20:00
    • Shot Clock: :35
    • Overtime: Same as NBA

    Mario Hoops 3 on 3

    • Each Quarter or Half: 1:40-3:20


    There are five positions in the game of basketball, allowing for 10 players on the court at once, and 5 for each team.

    Point Guard - Mainly responsible for ball-handling and passing, generally to the shooting guard or the center. Offensively can create openings in a defense through quick penetration and layups. Defensively, they generally harass the opposing point guard and can optionally drop down to double-team threatening post players. They are generally the smallest players on the floor. Also referred to as the "1" position. Notable point guards include Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, and Walt Frazier.

    Shooting Guard - Generally the first or second offensive option on a team, the shooting guard primarily shoots the ball, but can also be a secondary ball-handler and distributor. Often, shooting guards have range out beyond the three-point arc and primarily move off-ball, only receiving the ball to catch and shoot. Defensively, they are usually used to slow down the opposing shooting guard, but can be moved to cover either the 1 or the 3 depending on the situation due to their size. Also referred to as the "2" position. Notable shooting guards include Michael Jordan, Jerry West, and Reggie Miller.

    Small Forward - Generally the most versatile position in terms of both offense and defense, the small forward can fill any number of roles, from defensive stopper, to passer and distributor, to offensive firecracker. Small forwards can generally cover any other player on the floor except for the center and some power forwards. Also referred to as the "3" position. Notable small forwards include Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor, and LeBron James.

    Power Forward - Mainly responsible for rebounding as well as a secondary inside threat, the power forward can fill any number of roles depending on the team. Usually they are a reliable post presence with the additional ability of being able to shoot from mid-range, and can defend both opposing power forwards and centers. They are also typically quite capable of shot-blocking and performing a lot of the tasks that a center normally would. Also referred to as the "4" position. Notable power forwards include Tim Duncan, Charles Barkley, and Karl Malone.

    Center - The man in the middle. The center is usually the biggest and most imposing player on the floor. Defensively it falls to them to defend the rim against attacking guards and also to defend opposing centers and power forwards in the post. Offensively they are often a primary option, though their greatest contributions typically fall on the defensive end. Also referred to as the "5" position. Notable centers include Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Shaquille O'Neal.


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