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    Bass is Dr. Wily's answer to Dr. Light's Mega Man. He is arrogant and loves to prove his abilities.

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    Bass (Forte in Japan) is a Dr. Wily robot created to combat Mega Man. He is cocky and thinks he's the best of the best. He has the "Bass Buster", a rapid-fire weapon that shoots small bullets and can be aimed in seven of eight directions (south not being one of them). He also has a robotic dog, Treble, who is supposed to be the evil counterpart of Rush. Treble can fuse together with Bass (known as the Treble Boost) to form a powerful variation of Bass, which can fly for a long period of time and shoot three bullets at the same time.  He can also dash, but not slide like Mega Man.


    As mentioned, Bass was to be Wily's version of Mega Man. As Dr. Wily researched and created Bass, he made a new element on mistake, Bassnium (Fortenium in Japan), which has been shown to be the strongest element ever seen. Using this, Wily managed to create Bass, and energize him with Bassnium to make him more powerful. He also used this in Zero, another project.  
    After Bass was finally completed, he was told to fool Mega Man. Wily demanded that Bass should battle with Mega Man, earn his trust, and steal special parts from Dr. Light's lab. Bass got the opportunity when he intentionally got injured in Shade Man's level. Trusting that Bass was really not from Dr. Wily's laboratory, Mega Man says Dr. Light can fix Bass, but when Mega Man went back to the lab, he found that Dr. Light's laboratory had been destroyed, and the project for new parts had been stolen. After being defeated in Wily's fortress by Mega Man (using the parts), they save Dr. Wily right before Mega Man fired.  
    Bass joins Mega Man and Proto Man in Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, because he was worried the recreated Robot Masters would defeat Mega Man, therefore leaving Bass without a rival and goal in his life. 
    In Mega Man 8, Bass again steals something, this time Evil Energy, which he used to power himself up (looking identical to the Treble Boost) and battle against Mega Man. 
    Mega Man & Bass was, again, a collaboration with Mega Man and Dr. Light, but Bass was more concerned about the fact King was claiming to be the strongest robotic creation ever conceived.
    Bass is available to play in Mega Man 10 as DLC content.

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