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    The evolution of Shieldon.

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    National Pokedex No. # 411 
    Species: Shield Pokemon 
    Types: Rock/Steel 
    Ability: Sturdy 
    Height: 4'03" 
    Weight: 329.6 lbs 
    Bastiodon is an extinct Pokemon and the only way to find its by evolving the restored fossil of its pre-evolution. 

    Evolutionary Line

     Bastiodon is the evolved form of Shieldon, this is possible starting at level 30. 

    Pokedex Entry 

    Diamond: Any frontal attack is repulsed. It is a docile Pokemon that feeds on grass and berries. 
    Pearl: When attacked, they form a wall with there shield like face to protect their young. 
    Platinum: When they lined up side by side, no foe could brake through. They shielded their young in that wall. 
    HeartGold/SoulSilver: When attacked, they form a wall. Their rock-hard faces serve to protect them from the attacks.

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