Anyone else picked this up during the steam sale? U should

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Hey I just picked up this gem and I am loving it. It is simply gameplay but very fun. There is a narrator during the game which I thought was unique. There are many upgrades for your weapons which is nice but it is not overly complicated and it is present nice and clear. I am probably half way through and have been enjoying using the bow a lot. Combat feels natural and is addictive and the art style is vibrant and colorful. Anyways enough synopsis. I got this game on steam for $3.75 which is a steal in my opinion and I just wanted to give it my recommendation.

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huh....I've never heard of it. Still....that's almost 4 whole dollars....I dunno dude.

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I think anyone even marginally interested (especially on this site) probably has the game already since it's been as low as like $2-1.50 before (and in a couple Humble bundles).

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I've been playing a bit, it's fun so far. I have yet to beat it though.

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Ya I know the vast majority of people have played it long ago, but I figured that the few that haven't would perhaps see the sale and would therefore gain some interest.

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I don't care how much it costs. If anyone here hasn't played Bastion yet, get your shit together.

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