Bastion on steam for £3.89 (6 hours left)

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#1 Posted by JustKamToo (1016 posts) -

So it was number 3 in the GOTY list so I'll pick it up for £3.89 even though it has never interested me I'll give it a go for for under £4. What the hell right?

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#2 Posted by Buscemi (1125 posts) -

You won't be sorry.

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#3 Edited by WhyBeAre (74 posts) -

If my credit card wasn't be declined for too many transactions I would be getting it, Steam why can't you just take my money? It's definitely worth it for anymore even remotely interested in the game in my opinion/

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#4 Posted by mekon (426 posts) -

If you've been mainly buying stuff on Steam then you can put money in a single transaction into a Steam wallet, that way your CC people would be happy because they won't know. When you don't have much left in it, it'll empty the wallet before charging a card.

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#5 Posted by JTB123 (1218 posts) -

I picked it up too, great game and the soundtrack is really awesome.

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#6 Posted by Petruccio (77 posts) -

I do not play on my PC. Have problems with XBOX360 points. So I am waiting it on PS3. Played demo on my XBOX360. Good Game. I like the narration. Reminds me Bard's Tale.

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