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I finally just cashed in on the sweet, sweet Fall Sale from Steam and picked up Bastion. My question is this: is there a recommended way to play through this game? In other words, should I try to tack on as many idols as possible or just "experience" it first? Is there a good "newb" weapon set to use? What are the thoughts from the veterans of this game? Thanks!

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I played it with only a few idols on the first time, and then went back and re-played it with all or most of them on. They make it considerably harder so if you want the game to flow I'd recommend only a few the first time. As for weapons, certain ones are better at certain levels. The carbine isn't the best at first but fully leveled it's insane. The weapon balance is good enough that you can really roll with whatever you like the most or whatever feels best, and be effective. I alternated the pistols, musket, and carbine at first, but by the time I did the dreams with all of the idols I think I found the poison bow and machete better.

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good buy!

you should use as many idols as you need. if you feel you are good enough at the game, then use all of them, but it does get crazy. what I did was use those with the most bonus, but without using the really dangerous ones (health degeneration I think it was, among others)

as for loadouts, i usually use the kael hammer as a melee + another one. it depends what you are into. i used the rifles the with idols, just try it out and if it isn't fun anymore, then change something. also there are a select few drinks which are really useful, but I guess you'll find that out on your own

also note this: XP and shards are not very important. gather as many as you can, but don't destroy the enjoyment by going in with many idols or anything. by the end you will have more than enough stuff to upgrade your fav weapons

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