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While the Bat does less damage per hit than most other melee weapons, but it also attacks faster and it is wielded by the fastest class available, making it more effective than most. The Scattergun is generally the better option for its high damage at these ranges, but don't hesitate to switch to the slugger if your Scattergun's magazine is empty.


Melee Damage30-40
Mini Crit Damage40-54
Critical Hit Damage105


  • "Merry friggin' Christmas, chucklenuts!"
    The Bat was available in a Festive variation from Mann Co. Supply Crate #35, however this crate no longer exists in the game.
  • When killing an enemy, the Scout will often shout out "Bonk!" his unofficial catchphrase.
  • As with other melee weapons, the Bat can be used to destroy sticky bombs laid by enemy Demomen, however the same can be accomplished more safely by using the Scout's Scattergun or Pistol.

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