Achievment Hunting

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#1 Posted by Krazy_D (95 posts) -

I JUST started the game on hard, how should I go about playing to get all the achievments on ONE playthrough ?

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#2 Posted by RsistncE (4498 posts) -

You won't be able to because  a bunch of the achievements are from the challenge rooms which are actually the hardest part of the game.

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#3 Posted by Gamer_152 (14480 posts) -

I hope you know what you've let yourself in for by starting the game for the first time on hard difficulty. The best thing to do is to just look through all the achievements yourself and work out what you need to do, oh and don't forget the Party Pooper achievement.

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#4 Posted by MasturbatingBear (1804 posts) -

I got all but hard, and mano a mano in one playthrough. Not counting challenge room... fucking challenge rooms.

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#5 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I just need to gold the Combat challenges and beat the game in Hard, and get Party Pooper because I don't look at achievements before I play a game for the first time :( 
The combat challenges will make you want to rip your hair out... you need to be so focused and attentive that it's ridiculous. If you mess up one hit you basically have to start over. And it's so easy to mess up because some enemies will ruin your combos if you don't either jump over them or stun them before you attack... add to that mix that there are constantly guys trying to hit you, you really have to balance out your defense and offense. The combat challenges will make you appreciate how brilliant the fighting is in this game though.

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