Anyone else find this game very difficult? (possible spoilers)

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#1 Posted by jmrwacko (2537 posts) -

I usually don't struggle with games like this, but Arkham Asylum has me pulling my hair out in some spots, especially at the parts where you fight armed enemies. The room where you have to disable the second pump had me pulling my hair out until I found out you could incapacitate enemies with the breakable walls. Also, I'm up to Poison Ivy and her second stage is frustrating as anything. I feel like I'm playing Gears of War again on hardcore... dunno why it's so challenging to me.

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#2 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

No. Not at all. I'm not the type to boast about my "gaming skillz" but honestly, this game was way too easy. And beating Poison Ivy was pathetic. All I did was tap the right trigger and move the stick around to kill her.

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#3 Posted by Monoxide (95 posts) -

It wasn't too bad on hard. If you're stuck on Poison Ivy's 2nd stage I would suggest getting your enemy's back to the ledge before starting your combo so when you hit them once or twice they just fall off. You also don't have to aim at her when throwing your Batarang since the doubletap (quick batarang) will take care of that for you.

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#4 Posted by Church069 (254 posts) -

Playing my first time on normal difficulty was kind of challenging, but never to the point where I died more than twice.  Once you get the hang of the combat system and the stealth mechanics, the game becomes super easy to where you could fly through the game. 
MysteriousBob though is right that all of the boss fights were disappointingly easy from a gameplay perspective.
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#5 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

Not on normal, maybe on hard.

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#6 Posted by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

I didn't find normal very tough at all.

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#7 Posted by jmrwacko (2537 posts) -

you know, it's just the damn keyboard/mouse controls. I'm sure if I had a gamepad plugged in I wouldn't be having any trouble at all, but it's very difficult to just counter and pull off combos when you only have four direction WASD going on. I breezed past Poison Ivy after realizing I could run 3 dimensionally to dodge the spores, but now I'm stuck on the final boss because it's just too hard for me to pull off the stun on the knife guys while trying to counter the ordinary guys and quick boomerang the bombs.
w/e, I guess everyone sucks at some genre of video games.

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#8 Posted by handlas (3171 posts) -

mmm no.  I played it on Hard for my first playthrough and beat it easily tbh.  Now, finding all of the riddles was difficult at times.  Even when I had the maps I would find a question mark and not understand what to do exactly (usually it had to do with the riddles and not the question mark trophy things).
Now, the challenge rooms can be hard as hell.  A couple of them are annoying.  I'm trying to complete them right now.

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#9 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (830 posts) -

I found getting used to the stealth parts with armed enemies took me awhile. I was never sure of the best way to distract enemies, and whenever I did silent takedowns, the thug would alert others and I'd lose a lot of health. I only recently got the batarang that lures the nearest guy with a suicide collar.

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#10 Posted by jmrwacko (2537 posts) -

Well I just beat it and got all the riddles. Honestly, I would have liked to fight the Riddler at the end, but oh well. So there. Good riddance, on to games I don't suck at.

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#11 Posted by RsistncE (4498 posts) -

Even on hard the game wasn't very difficult. The challenge rooms are another story though...those things are actually quite tough.

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#12 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

On Normal I didn't find the game too challenging. On Hard, there were definitely times when I found it difficult (Poison Ivy took quite a few tries before I took her out and even Bane beat me pretty bad once or twice......or three times, because I was cocky from my Normal run).
As for challenge rooms, the stealth ones were hard to get all medals on, but the combat ones were pretty simple, I thought.

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#13 Posted by TheMasterDS (2911 posts) -

Parts of it are, sure. But then, if I die on the stealth parts I just think "Cool, now I can try it another way that'll hopefully prove to be more effective." Those bosses though, poison ivy in particular ( I just spent an hour on her just now), are bastards. If the enemies granted health when I took them down than yeah, but right now there's absolutely no relief to any of the stress of battle, namely taking a hit. Maybe I should've bought a health upgrade along the way, but really seeing as death played into the stealth section's strengths I really didn't have an issue with it until it served to highlight the flaws in this terrible boss battle.  

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