ATTN:For those who need help with Joker Teeth and Rddler Riddles!

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Hi all,
I am aware some people are having difficulty trying to find all the riddler riddles, riddler trophies, joker teeth and arkham chronicles etc. For those of you that are I have found and used a great guide that was posted up at Games Radar which was extremely helpful in helping to get the achievements and unlock all the challenge rooms.
The link to the guide is HERE
I hope this helps :D
P.s. the only thing this guide does not include is where to find the LAST chronicle for that, please refer to THIS

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Thanks for the info. 
It's about time I finally got a list of all the Secrets Map locations. They're the most useful things I could ever ask for when it comes to XP boosting.

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A quick tip for Joker Teeth hunters. Well, really just for people who are playing through the game for the first time or haven't started scouring for riddles--GET THE JOKER TEETH AS YOU'RE PLAYING THROUGH THE CAMPAIGN. Seriously, it's the easiest way. They're all there. Saves you a lot of hassle in the long run. 

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