Batman is bad at his job.

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I'm several hours into Arkham Asylum. I'm really enjoying it but what has struck me up to this point is how incapable Batman is of actually protecting innocent people from being killed.

There are dead guards and doctors all over the island. There's nearly a hundred dead guards and other innocent people in the first section of the game alone. When you leave the first area you find the area around the mansion well guarded by a dozen Arkham security personnel, the next time you comeback from batmanning around and saving a few dudes, They are all dead. You keep knocking out certain villains, then they proceed to come back, kill many more people, and all you do is knock them out again. At points in the game you see security begging for their lives, pleading for their families and then being murdered while Batman does nothing to intervene until after the fact. He sits behind a doorway watching friendlies choke to death on joker gas rather than try and break the door down, or literally do anything. As you dig deeper into the character bios you have record after record of these crazy, evil men and women escaping, or freaking out and harming the people at the asylum trying to help them. Ivy is in prison for releasing spores killing hundreds of people in Gotham then when Batman corners her, all he does is say "Go Back to your cell or i'll be pissed" I get it, Batman can't kill people, but at some point you have to wonder if he really is much a of good guy if his moral system prevents him from stopping the murder of countless men, women and children.

One of the things I like about the Nolan movies, particularly the Dark Knight, is that Bale's Batman went out of his way to save people (The scene where he knocks down dozens of hostages to save them from SWAT snipers, while tackling the Swat team itself, comes to mind or when he threw his car in front of an oncoming truck to save the guy who was screwing him over) And even the normal people have their act together, "bombs at a hospital in Gotham?!" maybe we should evacuate people rather then sit around and wait for them to blow us up.

Batman is supposed to be a superhero, defeating the enemy after they leave a long trail of suffering and destruction in their wake is not super-heroic. Maybe i'm reading too deep into this, maybe this is what it's like in the comics. If this were Call of Duty, thousands of my AI buddies could get gunned down in the time it takes me to complete a single mission, but I like to think the actions of the player character matter a bit more in a character driven game like Arkham Asylum.

Anyone else have this problem?

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