Demo is up on XBL!!!!

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#1 Posted by Izick (161 posts) -


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#2 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3553 posts) -

Just a few more minutes on my side...

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it is a good game from what i have played love the gears of war finger in ear slow mo walking :)

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#4 Posted by Hairydutchman (1042 posts) -

Played the ps3 demo, and it was pretty awesome.

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#5 Posted by CynageN (1213 posts) -

Downloading now... wish I had remembered to check a few hours ago.

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#6 Posted by luckybruciano (76 posts) -

its also up at 
for pc people *sigh*

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@SolidestChimp said:
" it is a good game from what i have played love the gears of war finger in ear slow mo walking :) "
Yes first think i thought was "oh no not another one" Like we didnt get enough of that in Gears 1&2 plus Wolverine.
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#8 Posted by Jedted (2876 posts) -
@pornstorestiffi said:
" @SolidestChimp said:
" it is a good game from what i have played love the gears of war finger in ear slow mo walking :) "
Yes first think i thought was "oh no not another one" Like we didnt get enough of that in Gears 1&2 plus Wolverine. "

Don't forget the new G.I. Joe game. 
Everyone says that's ripped from Gears but i kinda like that feature.  It's not like other games which just stop you in your tracks whenever you talk to somebody.
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#9 Posted by MetalR (425 posts) -

The demo was good, a little short though, hopefully it will not be as long as Wolverine

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#10 Posted by banunn1 (103 posts) -

Holy Crap that was awesome, exactly what I would like a batman game to be.  the question now is will it be a buy or a super solid rent?  

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#11 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -

Just played through the demo, it was pretty good.

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#12 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

It's a damn good demo. I just wish it was longer! Fighting is satisfying enough since countering is so easy to do. Graphics and animations look mighty fine (they must have fixed the ragdolls from the last trailer, cause there's none of the usual problems now), and going into a room full of goons and systematically eliminating them one-by-one is a lot of fun and surprisingly tough. My anticipation for this game went through the roof after playing this. I can't wait for it to come out now!

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#13 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

I loved the demo, It was quite fun. Hopefully they can keep that up through the entire game.

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#14 Posted by PrioritySeven (336 posts) -

I really enjoyed the demo, but I'm curious.  Does anyone know roughly how many hours the play time is for the full version?  I thought someone said 12-16 but I can't confirm that anywhere.

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#15 Posted by Infinityslimit (121 posts) -

The demo was excellent :)

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@PrioritySeven: I read somewhere that it is around 14 hours long if it is rushed expect to rack up about 20 hours of play.
I also loved the demo...played through it three times already. Can't get enough of it :P
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@giantbombiscool said:
" the demo rox but where he stops to talk in his ear was rubbish. i want to go beat up those 3 guys instead of just talkin bout them do u know what im sayin. christian bale's voice is rly gppd in it tho. 5\10 "
Um..that's not Christian Bale..
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the demo was ok, but it's too fucking short, surprising because it's 1.6 gb, resident evil 5 demo was only 500 mb and it was way longer than this :/

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I was not looking forward to the game at all until I played the demo. I'm still skeptic for the sole reason that, although the demo was fun, the game will be utter garbage if it's just the demo sequence over and over again without any innovation. Hopefully this game doesn't get repetitive like so many others...just hard to see how they're going to change it up with such a limited environment.

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#20 Posted by tomance (1127 posts) -

I was really excited for the game, then I played the demo, and my excitement level jumped way up again.  I've been waiting for a good batman game for basically forever and now I think we finally have that game.  I can't wait for the 25th.

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#21 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

So when does the game come out again?  Just curious, because I'll end up paying off my $20 late fee to rent this for the achievement points...

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#22 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Next tuesday (Aug 25th)

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