Just finished Asylum; What I Hope They Fix in City

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Not prattle on too long here, but I thought I would get folks thoughts on Asylum and see if anyone else shared my feelings on what was probably the worst part of the game for me; boss fights. Of the boss fights, the only one I genuinely liked was Poison Ivy's. The Scarecrow encounter would have been ok, once, but by the third time, I wanted to stab someone in the face. Bane was ok until you realize that he was basically a training session for fighting the Titan Soldiers. Croc was plain ole tedius the whole way and the final showdown with Joker ended up being another round of fighting the same thugs you'd been fighting the entire time. Ivy was fun, though. Nice mix of mechanics and I love mobile fights that get more complicated as I go.

It really is a shame, because I love everything else about AA. I borrowed it from a friend, but I'll buy it to go around and collect all the interview reels, because they're fascinating. I also love running around trying to work through finding all the hidden items.

My main hope for Arkham City is simply more engaging boss battles. Batman can fight, but he's also quite brilliant, so I'd love to see fights that require just as much thought as brute force. If I end up in a fist fight with Riddler or Two Face in AC, that is going to bum me out, big time.

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