White Squares popping in? (PS3)

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Has anyone else experienced little white squares on their screen? The first time i can distinctly remember it is when you speak with Ivy in the Botanica? However it has happened at other points of the game as well.  Unsure if my PS3 was just being weird and acting up or if its a known bug or intended despite it seeming out of place and obscure. I googled it and have not heard any similar complaints so was wondering what was up. Hopefully I won't experience it tomorrow and put it down as a fluke and just my PS3 required to be restarted, just wanna know if anyone else has experienced this.

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Hmmm, someone else here on GB or Youtube was asking that same question a while ago, I think.  Someone even took a picture or video of their TV with the problem.  I thought his PS3 was dying...
I haven't noticed it and I have Batman on PS3 as well...

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I have not.

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