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Batman: Arkham Asylum


Batman:  Arkham Asylum

Written by: L.T.

I don’t ussually get pumped up about batman games, I mean who does. When I first saw the preview for this I thought "just another lame batman game". When it came out i saw a lot of it on gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot and they all had excellent reviews. I then decided to download the demo and during the session I thought "I need more of this, this is great!" so I took my leftover christmas money and purchased the game. playing through the game my mind was blown; Excellent combat, stealth, characters, surroundings, and levels. I was pretty sure it was the best game based of of a comic book series, which it is, but the only thing this game was missing was a solid final boss fight. Leading up to the moment there are fireworks, excitment, and even stupid henchmen who congratulate your success (beat em up anyway and get a trophy =D ) anyways its all great til the actual thing. Now I wont spoil anything  but lets just say i expected a lot more from a game like this. I would solidly like to conclude that this game is awesome and would recomend it to anyone who enjoys a good game. this deserves a good 9.5 out of 10.  

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