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A Safe Sequel to a Already Steller Product

I have a lot of mixed emotions with Arkham City..... in one hand I loved the game where in the other I felt slighted. I want to give a fair review to a game I truly enjoyed but maybe my expectations were too high. The game built upon a great, surprising game, Arkham Asylum, that came out a few years ago which had minor issues but didn't take away from the experience at all. With that said, Arkham City is the same way. Minor issues here and there that I have with the side missions being to short, too many Super Villains that they couldn't expand upon, too many trophies where finding them isn't that challenging anymore as you walk into a lot of them. These complaints are minor and basically I'm throwing rocks at tank. The positives completely out do any of the negatives but I still can't feel a little, tiny bit disappointed.

Positives: Fun Boss Battles, Compelling Story, Good, but short, Side Missions, Great looking game, fantastic gameplay, great soundtrack, Overall a fantastic experience that every fan of video games or Batman will enjoy

Negatives: Short Side Missions, Hours 1 - 6 of main story very meh, Too many "riddles" which lessen the challenge, Too many Villains where they should've expounded upon with fewer

Verdict: Familiar territory for those who played Asylum, a very safe game but that's not a bad thing. Didn't have that extra POW to get me to a 5/5 so a 4.5 will have to suffice. Play the game, completely worth the full price and will be in my favorite games of the year, but probably not my GotY

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