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Great Character dlc but Not Enough!

The pack itself includes the character Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson aka the first Robin, his skin from Batman The Animated Series, and two challenge maps.  

 The characters himself plays great! He's faster than Batman and at times maybe Catwoman. The developers put just enough acrobatics and new moves to make die hard Batman fans accept him as a faithful adaptation. And he looks exactly how he does in the comics unlike 30 year old skin head Robin.  
His new moves/gadgets are: escrima sticks, wrist darts, wing dings, and electrical blasts. The escrima sticks are really fun to play with especially since you can bounce them off walls and opponents. Wrist darts usually stun, but can take opponents out if you get a head shot. Pretty handy which is why you only get three shots. The wing dings are basically just batarangs. And lastly his electrical blast is his crowd control move, where he pounds the ground and stuns everyone around him.  
 His "borrowed" moves/gatgets are: the grapple/bat claw, the line launcher, and the gun disabler thing. Which all pretty much work the same.  
 Unfortunately I was underwhelmed with the amount of content I got for my $7. Nightwing, like Robin, is only playable in challenge mode. So after finishing every predator challenges and most of the combat rooms, I had nothing to do with the character! People all over message boards are pleading for a free roam mode and I can't really disagree that I would love it too. Or maybe some side missions! And though I think its understandable, I'm peeved there wasn't any voice work for Nightwing. Many would defend Rocksteady and say we're expecting too much from a dlc and that there's too much work into adding these features, but I have to point to Mass Effect 2, who sells $5 dlc characters with whole story missions, voice work, and the ability to bring him/her into the main game.  
  I want more Nightwing! I need more Nightwing, and I'd pay $$$ for it!

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