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Even better


  1. Roaming around a huge city, discovering crimes in progress, makes you feel like Batman out on the prowl.
  2. Enemies freaking out at what you’ve done makes you feel more like Batman
  3. Stellar Voice Acting
  4. Excellent combat that rewards you for timing and variation
  5. Huge amount of content available, but you’re not forced to go through any aside from main story
  6. Character upgrades are rolled out well with content progression

Did not like:

  1. Bosses are mostly pretty generic 3-iteration affairs
  2. Off the bat, the game gives you almost too many different objectives, which can become overwhelming, but they can be mitigated before too long

Genre: 3rd-person open-world action

Genre differentiators:

  1. Voice acting quality
  2. Feel like Batman
  3. High level of polish on everything

Prequel differentiators:

  1. Combat scenarios give more options early on in the campaign. In Arkham Asylum, I felt that I only reached my apex right at the end and didn’t get enough of the combat at its best.
  2. Because the enemies gradually get various upgrades/abilities too, you are forced to vary your tactics more than in Arkham Asylum. I found myself relying too much on the inverted takedown in the prequel, but in this, I often had 3-4+ different types of takedowns in each encounter.
  3. Completely open world makes an enormous difference
  4. Gliding/grappling around the city is glorious
  5. Finding objectives/crimes in progress as you go, instead of there only being big objectives in specific buildings like the first

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