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Not as good at it's big brothers but interesting and worth playing

Fairly long for a Vita game, I enjoyed most of it, lots of creativity in the level design, more than Asylum/City. Boss fights in this game are brutal, Batman is very much a glass canon and most of the bosses are packing some heavy firepower.

The gadgets are used much better than City and Asylum also, as annoyingly hard as most of the boss fights were, they were all creative and use of all your gadgets is key.

A bit heavy on the backtracking, but I did get almost all the collectibles.

The in game map is useless, if they make another one of these, some sort of waypoint system would be invaluable at least for places you have already been too.

There are 6 bat suits to collect through the game, they come in 5 pieces each spread throughout the levels; what is great here is that you can wear the suits as soon as you get them, you don't have to wait for subsequent playthroughs.


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