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    Batman: The Telltale Series

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Aug 02, 2016

    Telltale Games brings their trademark adventure game style to the city of Gotham, as the Caped Crusader must hunt down a group of terrorists known as the Children of Arkham while investigating a new conspiracy about his family's legacy.

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    Making it Their Own...Jank & All 2

    Batman is Telltale's own approach on the nearly 80 year old character. While developers like Rocksteady have given their own visual approach to the characters in that universe, Telltale actually decided to take some risks with the story while also offering their own unique take on some of the characters. While the story beats and action can be great the game is plagued by one nagging thing that all games from this developer suffer: its a Telltale game, bugs and all. I won't divulge any serious ...

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    Batman for the Batfans 0

    First off, let’s just get it out there and say Batman is the greatest superhero of all time right? Good, I am glad we can agree on this. What other superhero has transition throughout each decade with as much ease as Batman. It’s hard to think that when Adam West played him all these years ago with his over the top campiness that we would eventually end up with The Dark Knight.Get The Shark Repellent! The reason the character can be called the best without a doubt is the story that m...

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    Good premise, bad execution 0

    While I thought the premise for this game was very interesting the actual scene to scene story didn't hook me at all.There were so many ridiculous plot points: I won't talk about them all because spoilers but this one doesn't reveal anything: The antagonist's father owns a heating company, there is a part in the game where you are investigating his basement, one of the clues is a service report on the water heater, the service was performed by another heating company, wow.The Bruce Wayne charact...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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