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    Batman: The Telltale Series

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Aug 02, 2016

    Telltale Games brings their trademark adventure game style to the city of Gotham, as the Caped Crusader must hunt down a group of terrorists known as the Children of Arkham while investigating a new conspiracy about his family's legacy.

    werupenstein's Batman - The Telltale Series (PC) review

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    Good premise, bad execution

    While I thought the premise for this game was very interesting the actual scene to scene story didn't hook me at all.

    There were so many ridiculous plot points: I won't talk about them all because spoilers but this one doesn't reveal anything: The antagonist's father owns a heating company, there is a part in the game where you are investigating his basement, one of the clues is a service report on the water heater, the service was performed by another heating company, wow.

    The Bruce Wayne character looks like a clone of Sterling Archer and the whole time I played this game I couldn't help but think I'd rather be playing an actual Archer game.

    Cringy scenes that dragged on too long; the whole Selina goodbye was not only pointless it was dreadful, like high school sweethearts saying goodbye for the first time.

    When your product's main selling feature is story, you better have a good story, this one isn't.

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