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Bats & Terry is a Japanese manga that follows the adventures of a pair of eponymous friends who are highschool students and baseball stars. The manga injects drama with the inclusion of motorcycle gangs ("bosozoku").

Around this time in 1987, a movie adaptation of Bats & Terry was released. The resulting video game adaptation, by UserJoy (abbreviated as "Use" in-game), is a platformer that takes the duo through several oddly themed worlds such as forests, caves and military bases. It has the subtitle Makyou no Tetsujin Rasu, which roughly translates as "Ironman Race of Demon World".


The game controls much like any side-scrolling platformer, with a button for jumping and another for attacking. The main character starts off as Bats, who uses baseballs to attack enemies with either an upward or downward arc depending on the direction held while firing. Upon getting hit by enough enemies, Terry takes over and attacks enemies with a short-ranged bat attack. Killing enemies with the bat provides Terry with more life, but the lack of range is a disadvantage.

The goal is to simply reach the end of the stage before the timer runs out. Most enemies can be defeated with attacks, but others must be avoided by jumping or running underneath them.

The game has a reputation as a "kusoge" (endearing term for a crappy game), explicable given its background as a quickie license cash-in.

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