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Battalion Wars 2 is a hybrid third-person action/real-time strategy game developed by Kuju Entertainment for the Nintendo Wii. It is a sequel to the original title, Battalion Wars, that was released in 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube.


Battalion Wars 2 puts the player in control of the armed forces of the Solar Empire, Iron Legion, Anglo Isles, and Tundran territories all of which are drawn in to a world conflict through the careful orchestration of Kaiser Vlad of the Iron Legion. The conflict is meant to distract the various global powers and allow Kaiser Vlad to retrieve the Staff of Qa-Len, lost after being used by the Solar Empire to defeat the Iron Legion in the Lightning Wars, from where he has located it the northern Tundran Territories.

The gameplay offers direct control over any one tactical unit (i.e. infantry, ship, plane, vehicle), and simultaneous management of other allied units, to complete the assigned goal tasks and progress through the single player missions. In addition to the single player campaign, Battalion Wars 2 also uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to allow competitive and co-operative online gameplay.


Long ago in the old world, Lord Ferrok, a cruel dictator with terrible intentions had lead his demonic Iron Legion through a series of conquests, later known as the Lightning Wars, and had destroyed all but one of the great nations of the world, the Solar Empire. Lead by the Empress Qa-Len, the brave troops of the Solar Empire knew that they were the world's last chance against the Iron Legion, they knew that if they fell, all would be lost. The Iron Legion, however, was prevailing, using unheard of technology during the time such as the world's first Battlestation, and aggressively demolishing many of the Solar Empire's assets. Yet, Qa-Len had a secret weapon of her own, only known as the "staff." She ordered a task force of grunts to climb up to Lord Ferrok's tower and plant the staff, yet they were all defeated except for one, and against all odds, that one grunt climbed up to the tower, planted the staff, and contacted the Solar Empire's orbital satellite, which in turn unleashed the fury of the sun's power onto the Iron Legion. And so, in one moment, the horror of the Iron Legion was vanquished from the world. Qa-Len knew the power of the staff, and hid it away so that it would never fall into evil hands.

That was two hundred years ago, and so much has happened since then. After the events of the first Battalion Wars, with Kaiser Vlad defeated, the former powers of the Alliance of Nations are feeling an uneasy peace. For Kaiser Vlad is still alive, his location unknown, however, and there is a small lingering fear of his return. The Western Frontier, however, doesn't anticipate it being soon, however they've re-garrisoned many Solar Empire bases they have for monitoring. Meanwhile, in the Anglo Isles, Anglo military intelligence has picked up rumors of the Solar Empire creating a secret weapon, acting on instinct, Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce attack the Solar Empire.

The cunning Admiral A-Qira and his top commander (the player character,) however, had been able to reply with a strong defense, successfully repelling the Anglo Isles. However, Admiral A-Qira, still enraged by being caught off guard, decides to retaliate with an invasion of his own. However, A-Qira knew that he wouldn't be able to launch a successful invasion with only the beaten forces of the Solar Empire at his disposal, and he knew it was against the philosophy of the Western Frontier to invade a country that hasn't directly attacked it, and so he called for the only person he knew would help him.

Marshall Nova had been denied his revenge in the last Battalion Wars, for Kaiser Vlad had escaped. Gone was the Marshall Nova of the past, the one that had wanted to take the peaceful approach to the world's problems. Marshall Nova was constantly reminded of the legacy of his father that it was his duty to carry on, and his father's lingering spirit would not let him forget it. Marshall Nova was pondering his throne room, with his father's words still lingering in him "Tundra is a nation of conquest, my son" he was reminded "Why do you dishonor my memory with idle talk of peace," the words were shaking Marshall Nova, it was his duty to keep peace in the world, but it was also his duty to remember his father's memory. It was at this moment Admiral A-Qira called with the offer of a mutual invasion of the Anglo Isles, making a sudden decision, with his father's memory in him, he accepted. The Anglo Isles knew that it was coming to them, and while Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce were dining, the sirens blared, the Tundrans and Solar Empire were attacking. Commander Pierce and Colonel Windsor were both very capable when it came to defensive measures, and the Anglo military was able to support their strategies. Anglo submarines successfully took down the Solar Battelships, and the Anglo Aisles elite air-force was capable of repelling any air attacks. After a lengthy and destructive war, the Solar Empire had been repelled.

Admiral A-Qira, watching as the last hopes of his revenge were destroyed right infront of him, stared in disbelief from the deck of his Battleship, taking a quick drink of his water, suddenly, he began chocking, the drink was spiked with poison! The Admiral lay chocking as Kaiser Vlad watched in the distance, knowing full well that he was now free to go about his plans. For it had been oh so many years that Kaiser Vlad had searched for the staff of Qa-Len, he had personally triggered the original war between the Tundrans and Western Frontier, he was the one who made the Anglo Isles attack, the world was falling right into his trap. One by one, as war raged on, he dug for the staff, one by one, he couldn't find it, until there was one area left, The Tundran Territories.

And so, he ordered Xylvanian forces to storm the Tundran confinement cell that Kommandat Ubel had been imprisoned in since the last war. The Tundrans weren't able to hold them off, and Kaiser Vlad himself went inside and freed Ubel personally. After informing Ubel of his plan, Kaiser Vlad ordered a full invasion of the Tundran Territories.

Marshall Nova returned to his homeland under attack, looking over the remains of Gorgisburg, along with the CO's of The Solar Empire, Western Frontier, and Anglo Isles, the Alliance of Nations was reformed. Together they took back every last bit of Tundra, until only Kaiser Vlad's massive Mining Spider remained. Commanding the most ferocious task force ever assembled, consisting of Tundran Battlestations, Anglo Bombers, Solar Artillery, and Frontier Heavy Tanks, the Mining Spider was destroyed, but that wasn't before Kaiser Vlad found the staff. As a last desperate attempt, he triggered the satellite, and the great beam of the sun rained down on all, as it had done to Kaiser Vlad's ancestors. However, all the CO's could escape in time, except for Kaiser Vlad and Kommandant Ubel, who were now trapped deep underground.



Rifle Grunt
Rifle Grunt
  • Rifle Grunt - Relatively long range weapon effective against defensively weaker units;
  • Bazooka Veteran - Powerful against ground units; shots are relatively slow moving
  • Flame Veteran - Short range flamethrower effective against infantry units; most armored units not susceptible to damage
  • Anti-Air Veteran - Highly-effective against airborne targets and elevated enemy gun positions
  • Assault Veteran - High caliber short-range bullet; adept at quickly disposing of infantry and lighter vehicles (land and air)
  • Mortar Veteran - Shells are very damaging, but slow moving; combats AI units but vulnerable to player unit attack

Ground Vehicles

  • Recon - Very fast; adept at strike-and-flee attacks with a single mounted machine gun; little armor
  • Light Tank - Fast; single mounted machine gun and main cannon; lightly-armored
  • Heavy Tank - Powerful main cannon and two mounted machine guns; slow-moving
  • Battlestation - Heavily armored and punishingly destructive; two anti-air guns and a dual battle cannon; extremely slow moving; susceptible to air-attack
  • Anti-Air Vehicle - Destructive anti-air capabilities (fires packs of 8 'Silverfish' missiles); limited ground unit defense with a mounted machine gun; lightly armored and vulnerable to ground attack
  • Artillery - Incredible range and destructive power; slow moving; susceptible to close-range attacks


  • Gunship - Helicopter with robust air-to-ground attack capabilities; vulnerable to anti-air fire and Fighters
  • Air Transport - Non-controllable; thick armor protections; carries reinforcements
  • Fighter - Fast-moving and maneuverable; effective against other air vehicles; difficulty targeting low-flying and ground based units
  • Bomber - Relatively well-armored; potent bomb attacks effective on both land and sea targets; slow speed makes them vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire
  • Strato Destroyer - Slow Fighter-bomber fusion; heavily armored with the exception of an exposed, vulnerable tail

Naval Ships

  • Frigate - Fast-moving; capable of spotting and attacking submerged submarines (depth charges); robust anti-air capabilities
  • Submarine - Dive capabilities; attack with torpedoes; vulnerable to other submarines and Frigate depth charges
  • Naval Transport - Non-controllable; thick armor protections; carries reinforcements
  • Battleship - Destructive deck guns especially effective against stationary land targets; vulnerable to submarines and air units
  • Dreadnought - Massive deck guns effective against most land/sea targets; slow moving and vulnerable to submarines and air units

Online Multiplayer Modes


  • Instant combat


  • Tactical depth


  • Work with friends

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