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Battle Arena Toshinden U.R.A. (short for "Ultimate Revenge Attack", known in Japan as Toshinden URA) is a 3D weapon-based fighting game developed by Takara (in conjunction with Tamsoft) and published by Takara (Sega in international releases) for the Sega Saturn on September 27, 1996 (in Japan) and November 14, 1996 (in North America).

A side-story in the Battle Arena Toshinden series, U.R.A. is based on Battle Arena Toshinden 2. Along with a roster change, gameplay tweaks, and battleground overhauls, this game includes a brand new story involving a mysterious fighter (Ripper, the game's main protagonist), a prototype law enforcement android gone missing (Repli, created by police scientist Ronron), and a murder spree of famous fighters.


The game includes 11 playable characters and four boss characters (two of which are secret bosses). Out of the Battle Arena Toshinden 2 roster, four characters (Gaia, Chaos, Uranus, and Master) have been replaced completely with new characters.

New Characters

  • Ripper
  • Ronron
  • Repli (sub-boss, unlockable with a cheat code)
  • Wolf (final boss, unlockable with a cheat code)

Returning Characters


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