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Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits is an action game developed by TAKARA Co. and published by Atlus Co. for the Game Boy Advance platform.


In Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits the player moves from location to location, talking to the locals and participating in B-Daman Battles.

At the beginning of the game the only gameplay option is titled B-Daworld, which is the games equivalent to a story mode. The only other option available to the player on the main menu is an options menu.

Once a certain point has been reached in the game, more options open up to the player. The new options available are:

  • B-Dabattle - B-Dabattle mode is like an exhibition or single match mode in which the player can choose a multitude of settings and play a single battle that is not related to the story mode.
  • B-Connect - B-Connect mode is the multiplayer mode. Two players can connect via a link cable and battle.
  • B-Training - B-Training is a B-Daman battle training mode in which the player can practice and re-play the previous tutorial lessons.
  • Tool Box - The tool box mode from the main menu displays the same information that it does during the story mode.


  • D-Pad Up - Pressing up on the D-Pad will cause the players B-Daman to move forward slightly.
  • D-Pad Down - Pressing down on the D-Pad will put the players B-Daman into defense mode.
  • D-Pad Left/Right - Pressing right or left on the D-Pad will cause the players B-Daman to move in that direction.
  • L Button - The L button is used to turn the B-Daman in a diagonal direction to the left.
  • R Button - The R button is used to turn the B-Daman in a diagonal direction to the right.
  • A Button - The A button is used to fire at the enemy. If the A button is held it will activate a charged shot.


Performing a Special Attack
Performing a Special Attack

In a B-Daman battle both players select their B-Daman, which is a customize-able robot, to battle. Once both players have chosen their B-Daman, they are placed on an arena which is set up similar to that of a basketball court. Each player has their own side in which they must stay.

During a battle a player can move right, left, or forward slightly. On both the left and right sides are a stockpile of balls. These balls are what the B-Daman shoots at the opposing player. Each time a ball hits a B-Daman a small amount of health will be drained. If a ball misses a B-Daman, the player whose side it went to will receive that ball in one of their stockpiles. When a players ball count reaches zero the B-Daman needs to sit on a stockpile to recharge them. If no balls are in the stockpile then that player must wait until the opponent shoots a ball and misses.

With every successful hit of the opponent a special move gauge will fill. Once that meter is full a special attack move can be performed. How the attack is performed depends on the special move that the player equipped to their B-Daman.

Once it has been acquired in the game, a strike shot attack is also made available. The strike shot attack is used by holding down the A button until the aiming sight turns red, and then releasing it. Strike shots have a finite amount of times they can be used in an entire round, if they are depleted they cannot be used again until another round.


An Example of One of the Locations Options
An Example of One of the Locations Options

Upon approaching a town or other location the player has multiple options available to them. The town screens serve as a way to advance the storyline, buy supplies, change options, or battle opponents. The options available are:


When the move option is selected it allows the player to move to a different town or location. A list will appear with all of the locations the player has already visited or needs to go to advance the story.


The talk options allows the player to talk to an NPC character located in that specific location. Many times it is required to talk to the NPC to advance in the game, or to gather key plot points.


The Toolbox Screen
The Toolbox Screen

The toolbox is the equivalent to the options menu that is accessible during the game. In the toolbox menu the player can save the current progress in the game, choose or customize the current B-Daman, or look at the B-Danotes. The B-Danotebook contains information on every NPC character met, The currently configured B-Daman, The parts available for customizing a B-Daman, the different B-Daman special attacks that can be used, and a record of all of the completed B-Daman battles.

Parts Shops

The Store
The Store

Throughout the game there are several parts shops that can be accessed. There are three options available to the player in the parts shops.

  • Buy Parts - In the buy parts section of the shop the player can purchase various parts for their B-Daman using money earned by winning battles.
  • Sell Parts - The sell parts section of the shop is where the player would go to sell any unused or unwanted B-Daman parts.
  • Input Zero Code - In the input zero code section the player can input passwords to grant free parts for the B-Daman. The player can only input certain zero codes depending on the progress in the game. At the beginning the player can only input bronze codes but will gradually be able to input codes for stronger parts.


The Saloons Battle Options
The Saloons Battle Options

The battle option is where a player would go to battle a CPU player. In some locations there is a single player that can be battled, while other times there is a list in which any opponent can be battled. On the battle screen all of the opponents that can be battled will have multiple stats available to help decide whether or not to battle them. Not all locations have an opponent to battle.

The stats shown include:

  • Opponent Name
  • Money Earned If Defeated
  • B-Daman Used
  • Rank
  • Battle Type
  • Set of Rounds
  • Time Limit


The hints section will give the player a hint of what they need to do next to advance the story.

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