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Battle Blaze is a one-on-one fighting game with a medieval barbarian theme. The player can select from a single player "Hero Mode" and the versus "Battle Mode".

In the Hero Mode, the player assumes the role of Kerrell (Faud in the Japanese version) and must fight the other four combatants in any order they wish. After defeating all four, the player fights the demonic lord Autarch (JP: Gilformoth) as the final boss.

In Battle Mode, one or two players can select between Kerrell, his identical twin Lang (JP: Rangle) or the other four characters from the Hero Mode and fight in single battles in a huge colosseum.


Character (US name)JP name
Kerrell - The protagonist of Hero Mode. On a Conan-esque quest to avenge his murdered father.Faud
Lang - The protagonist's "twin brother". Has the same moveset. Only available in Battle Mode.Rangle
Schnouzer - A lizard/wolf beastman who rules the mountain beasts. Fights with his claws and feet.Shazzer
Lord Gustaff - A half-orc chieftain that wields a massive spiked mace. Gustoff
Adrick - A knight that fights with a powerful and long-reaching Dark Blade. Werleck
Tesya - An agile warrior maiden who fights quickly with a pair of knives. Filea
Autarch - The end boss. A large demon attempting to conquer the world. Not normally a selectable fighter for Battle Mode, but can be activated with a cheat.Gilformoth

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Mike Weigand gave Battle Blaze a review score of 5 out of 10. He wrote, "...Ugh! This one-on-one fighting game needs better control and more fighters to choose from. Not exactly the greatest challenge either -- some fighters have unfair advantages over others and they can win almost every match. The graphics are alright, but the sound needs work".


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