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Battle K-Road is a 2D fighting game developed and released by Psikyo (released by Jaleco in North America) for arcades in January 1994.

The first fighting game from Psikyo (who are better known for their various shoot-'em-up games), Battle K-Road focuses on realistic (for the most part) martial arts tournaments rather than spontaneous fantasy street fights of other fighting games. It's known for its unique knockdown rule, where the round pauses (and both players move back to their starting positions) when one player hits the mat.

It's widely believed that the game is based on an actual banned martial arts tournament known as K-Road, based on fluff from the flyers. However, it is unknown if any such circuit exists.


Players can choose from 14 playable fighters, each split into 7 fighting styles:

After winning the initial tournament, players must fight a large black bear (known as Mr. Bear, or Kumachan) to get their ending. The final match in the post-ending set of Return Matches is against a more powerful brown bear (also known as Mr. Bear, or Kumasama).


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