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A third person beat-em-up by Data Design Interactive, Battle Rage has been available as a PC game for some time. It has a very compelling story, centering around three main ideas:
  1. It is the future.
  2. There are robots.
  3. These robots may or may not fight each other.
Data Design is porting Battle Rage to the Wii in Q1 2009


The PC version acts as a pretty generic third-person beat-em-up fighting game, with some minor customization elements. Players take the control of one of eight robots, each with a unique weapon and fighting style, and can engage one, two, or three other mechanical behemoths at a time. Players can also team up with their friends to take on a common foe, with each skirmish lasting a few minutes. in between matches, players have the opportunity to alter their mech with other weapons or armor, able to go into battle with a total or three separate weapons (two ranged and a melee). The Wii port of the game will try to keep the PC level graphics, while changing the controls to make use of the Wii's motion sensing ability.


At this point, the developers have released a few details about what will be included in the game:
  • Single player and multiplayer modes
  • Arcade mode with a separate story-line for each character
  • The ability to customize your robot
  • "Compelling" mechanics (Rage, Rush, Power Triangle)*
  • Special attacks unique to each robot
  • The ability to take on up to three robots at a time
  • 8 unique robots
  • 10 unique arenas
  • 20 unique weapons

*I have no idea what this means

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