Unnecessary Battle Royale Pitches

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#1 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

Alright, everything is Battle Royale now, so pitch a Battle Royale game no one asked for.

I’m not saying it has to be a bad game or idea, just out of left field.

For example:

River City Royale

100 high school kids are dropped into River City. Run around the entire original River City Ransom smashing boxes and trashcans for coins. Spend coins of skill books, attribute upgrades, new moves, health ups, and more.

As time goes on, Invincible Dragon Twins chase players into an increasingly smaller number of screens, until all remaining students are on the same screen, battling for their lives. Last Student Standing gets the girl/wins the game.

Last student standing wins

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#2 Posted by ShaggE (9094 posts) -

Gone Home Royale

100 people are dropped into a giant childhood home to feel nostalgia for the 90s and find out what happened to their sisters. The person who is most moved by the story wins (using an advanced emotion detecting algorithm), assuming they aren't killed by an ever-shrinking circle of ennui and/or the constant hail of bullets.

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#3 Edited by Mach_GO_GO_GO (203 posts) -

Monkey Island Royale

100 wannabe pirates with unlikely names insult-swordfight until the last one standing wins a rubber-chicken dinner.

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#4 Posted by Teddie (2076 posts) -

Danganronpa Battle Royale, whenever someone gets killed everyone has to go to court and vote for who killed them. If majority votes right, then the killer gets offed and the match continues, but if majority votes wrong the killer gets away with it and wins the match.

It'd be awful.

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#5 Posted by Brackstone (775 posts) -

David Cage Battle Royale

100 Frenchmen are dropped into a recording booth and told to sound American.


100 women with short brown hair wearing a white tank top and panties are dropped into a studio apartment and have to do chores. The apartment slowly gets smaller but you can't tell cause it's already too damn big.

In both cases no one ever gets eliminated because game-overs are a failure of the game designer.

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#6 Posted by Captain_Insano (3398 posts) -

Monkey Island Royale

100 wannabe pirates with unlikely names insult-swordfight until the last one standing wins a rubber-chicken dinner.

I would buy this.

Burnout Royale

100 cars get dropped into Paradise City with an ever closing circle. Last Car to survive (not wreck or get taken down) wins.

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#7 Posted by Luchalma (514 posts) -

Jet Set Royale

100 skaters are let loose on the streets of Tokyo-to. Go solo or as a gang and tag the backs of rival street punks to be the last one standing in a flashy open world filled with vertical and horizontal freedom.

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#8 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (304 posts) -

Leisure Suit Larry Battle Royale

100 creepy bachelors parachute onto an island and must awkwardly romance each other to survive to the end of the round. Winner gets a lootcrate full of different potential diseases.

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#9 Posted by imhungry (1056 posts) -

Mario Party Party Royale

100 GB subscribers are dropped into a chatroom and forced to watch an endless loop of Mario Party Party.

Nobody Wins.

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#10 Posted by ShaggE (9094 posts) -

PUBG Battle Royale. 100 islands full of 100 players each, and the chicken dinner winners of each island are placed on one final island to fight it out for a steak dinner.

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#11 Edited by mems1224 (2377 posts) -

Animal Royale.

100 different animals drop on an island and fight to the death.

Basically large scale, multiplayer Tokyo Jungle

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#12 Posted by Sarnecki (1325 posts) -

Jurassic Royale

Get the Jurassic Park license. The island you drop onto is Isla Nubar, full of tons of AI dinosaurs from relatively safe and friendly herbivores to all the vicious carnivores, including a HUGE extremely dangerous T Rex. So it's not just other players who are the threat, but AI enemies too to help give you something more to do than just farm stuff and run for 15 minutes at a time of boredom. Maybe you can kill and skin dinos, craft, whatever. The point is to give the gameplay loop something MORE.

As players die they spawn back as some kind of dinosaur Left 4 Dead style and can aid in the hunt of the remaining players.

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#13 Posted by soulcake (2337 posts) -

Tony Royale a 100 skateboard's get in a openworld in that weird paint trick mode hit somebody's other paint and your out.

Authentic Royale

a hundred people get into a frostbite character creator and have to make the most authentic WWII soldier. (every asset you make belongs to EA)

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#14 Posted by floydeo (459 posts) -

Hotline Miami battle royale. You start off the game in an elevator with 100 floors in an apartment complex and everyone chooses a floor.

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#15 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -


You know....I’d play this.

That overhead map full of dots representing other players...

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#16 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

Sneak King Royale...

That’s the pitch.

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#17 Posted by Panfoot (244 posts) -

Indigo Prophecy Royale - 100 players must matrix kung fu fight in a large apartment while the apartment comes to life and starts flinging every single object in it at the players. Also weird giant termites, Mayans, and an alien A.I. will be involved somehow.

Dead Rising Royale - 100 photojournalists roam a zombie infested mall trying to kill each other with whatever they can find.

Star Wars Battle Royale - 100 players must fight each other to the death using only the most deadly weapon in the galaxy...the Teras Kasi fighting style.

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#18 Posted by soulcake (2337 posts) -

Lootbox Royale just a battle royal game but at the start you get two random lootboxes with random gear in it. If you pay money upfront you get a higher chance to get better gear.

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#19 Posted by KingBonesaw (1261 posts) -

Persona Dancing All Night Battle Royale: The 100 people who own a Vita play at the same time and as you miss notes you are eliminated.

Mount Your Friends Battle Royale: 100 buff dudes climb at the same time.

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#20 Posted by OurSin_360 (6080 posts) -

Dark souls battle royale: 100 ashen ones are dropped naked into blightown in the xbox 360 version, last one to stand the framerate wins

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#21 Edited by htr10 (972 posts) -

Battle Royale with Cheese.

A hundred John Travoltas and Samuel L. Jacksons ride around in cars until one pair successfully brings the metric system to America.

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#22 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (228 posts) -

@captain_insano: Burnout Royale actually sounds awesome, sign me up.

No Man's Battle Royale - 100 players are dropped into a universe together and they can't really interact but last one playing wins?

Deadly Premonition Royale - 100 quirky special agents are dropped into Greenvale, the last one to stop talking about movie trivia wins.

(and one I think would actually work)

Last of Us - I see it as a smaller Battle Royale mode (40-50 players maybe?) I think the pacing of the multiplayer would suit a Battle Royale mode very well.

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#23 Posted by hermes (2537 posts) -

Highlander Battle Royale...

That is it, perfect gameplay and narrative integration...

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#24 Posted by Firepaw (3121 posts) -

Splinter Royale: Conviction

A 100 drunk Sam Fishers are dropped on an island, having to avoid detection while gathering booze and drunkenly talk about their daughter. Players are eliminated if they get spotted... Or if they can't hold their liquor.

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#25 Posted by Ceen (29 posts) -

@htr10: Just close the thread. We have our chicken dinner.

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#26 Edited by 49th (3843 posts) -

EDF Battle Royale

100 ants drop on an island, it's your job to to save our mother Earth from any alien attack

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#27 Posted by MocBucket62 (2416 posts) -

Madden Battle Royale

100 Brett Favres fall onto a giant football field and who wins earns a Turducken dinner.

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#28 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8594 posts) -

Life is Strange Royale. 100 angsty teens duke it out with feelings and time travel while a tornado and beaching whales fuck shit up.

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#29 Posted by vdortizo (270 posts) -

Metal gear royale: 100 solid snakes are dropped unto an island... anime ensues

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#30 Posted by JohnLocke (748 posts) -

Shadow of the Colossus Royale: 100 giant beings are dropped onto an island for the same guy on a horse to win every match.

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#31 Posted by JeremyF (262 posts) -

Animal Crossing Royale: 100 animals drop onto an island and the last one surviving is absolved of Tom Nook's debt. If you cheat Resetti yells at you forever.

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#32 Posted by Zeik (5161 posts) -

Most of these sound better than actual battle royale games tbh.

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#33 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

@zeik: That’s kind what got me thinking about this. Hitman Royale came up in a Hitman thread and sounding funny and fun. Most implementations I’m hearing about sound too damned boring. This thread is delivering for me, though.

In my head, I thought about Haggar Royale, where 100 Mike Haggars spinning lariat each other while looting garbage turkey and lead pipes.

...Mario Royale, 100 Marios all trying to jump on each others heads.

...Vanquish Royale, 100 Vanquish guys all stuck in slide mode trying to shoot each other (I guess).

...Elevator Action Royale, just what it sounds like.

...SmashTV Royale, just what it sounds like, but the winner only wins whatever VCRs, toasters, TVs, and board games they can carry out with them.

...Portal Royale, 100 players enter an island. Those who use their portals to survive the fall go on to try to use physics and portals to kill the other players. Last player not smashed to death wins.

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#34 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

Oregon Trail Royale, where those who survive the trail to Oregon must face off using the hunting interface.

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#35 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15475 posts) -

Legend of Grimrock Royale: 100 Adventuring Parties are dropped onto an island filled with traps and puzzles that involve putting rocks on pressure plates. Player versus Player combat consists of sidestepping around in circles over and over again until someone accidentally gets a hit.

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#36 Edited by BabyChooChoo (7071 posts) -

Etrian Odyssey Royale -

100 teams of adventurers start their journey at the bottom of the Yggdrasil Tree. Players must make their w-....ya know what...it's fucking multiplayer Etrian Odyssey. That's it. That's all it is. Instead of just worrying about monsters and traps, now you need to look out for other teams. And I would totally play that!

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#37 Posted by Gamer_152 (14697 posts) -

Katamari Royale. 100 players are dropped onto an island with a sticky ball that they can use to pick up objects in the surrounding environment. If two players' balls bump up against each other, the player with the smaller ball is eliminated and the mass of it is added to the larger ball. I think this is a genuinely good idea.

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#38 Posted by Shindig (4742 posts) -

Isle of Man: BaTTle Royale. 100 speed limit signs are dropped on to the island. The last one to be disobeyed by a rider wins.

FIFA 100: 100 card packs are dropped on an island. The last one to be opened wins.

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#39 Posted by TobbRobb (6504 posts) -

Devil May Cry Royale. 100 Dantes land on an island, you can only deal damage as long as you keep up an SSS score and you lose it when you get hit. Estimated game time, 5-10 years.

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#40 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

@gamer_152: Agreed. Being pursued while madly attempting to gobble up whatever you can to outsize your pursuer sounds like fun.

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#41 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8594 posts) -
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#42 Posted by dudeglove (13538 posts) -

@imhungry said:

Mario Party Party Royale

100 GB subscribers are dropped into a chatroom and forced to watch an endless loop of Mario Party Party.

Nobody Wins.

I think you're just describing GB Infinite

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#43 Posted by Shiftygism (645 posts) -

Grid of 50 Pacman levels with two Pacmen per level, whoever eats the most pellets knocks the other out as the grid gets smaller and smaller...

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#44 Posted by meteora3255 (674 posts) -

Arkham Royale: 100 generic inmates try to be the last one standing at Batman free flow combats around the room.

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#45 Posted by 49th (3843 posts) -

Lawsuit Battle Royale: 100 slightly similar games land on an island. You play as PUBG Corp in your quest to sue as many of them as possible for stealing your original idea

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#46 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

I want Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Royale.

25 teams of four scouring the world for power-ups and ship customizations. The in game explosions force the 25 ships into an increasingly small space, last squad wins.

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#47 Posted by nutter (1416 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid Royale

100 Snake clones must sneak onto an island and extract a very important widget. Each Snake has a device showing them the location of the widget at all times.

Alarms will draw guards to your location, making infiltration overall harder, and drawing attention away from other Snakes.

The winner is the Snake to successfully extract the object via helicopter or ground-based vehicle. As other Snakes can see the widget location, leaving will be a fight.

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#48 Posted by TopCat88 (360 posts) -

Rapture Royale

The circle always ends up on a different lighthouse.

Would you kindly try to find me.

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#49 Posted by krustopian (30 posts) -

Slideshow Sardines Battle Royale - 100 players drop onto an island and one house is randomly selected so that any players who enter it cannot leave. Last player left outside the house gets to watch the game crash at approx. 1 FPS.

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#50 Posted by DarkeyeHails (541 posts) -

Battle Royale Battle Royale - 100 Battle Royale games drop onto the open market, hurriedly scavenging for their own unique hooks and weird twists to outlast their competitors. The last one with an active player base wins.

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