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    Battle Tryst

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released February 1998

    An arcade 3D fighting game developed by Konami's Roppongi studio, using an arcade board related to the canceled Panasonic M2 console. It features hand-drawn Japanese animation for its cutscenes.

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    Battle Tryst is a 3D fighting game developed by KCE Roppongi and released by Konami for arcades (using their 3DO-based Konami M2 hardware) in Japan on February 1998.

    Playing similar to other 3D fighting games at the time (with a three-button setup similar to Sega's Virtua Fighter series), Battle Tryst is best known for its use of hand-drawn Japanese animation in the game's opening sequence and character endings (with involvement from filmmaker Mamoru Oshii). It's also known for its unique scoring system (where points are represented as money, which decrease as the fight lingers) and hidden cameos from other Konami games (including TwinBee and Gaiapolis).


    The game includes 11 playable characters, 4 of which are hidden from the start (and are unlocked each week after the arcade board's initial play).

    Three additional guest characters (Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series, and Madoka from the TwinBee series) were planned to be added as hidden unlockables, but this plan was later cancelled.

    • Kika Gryphon
    • Zhai Zhai
    • Gary Williams
    • Zankoku
    • Nadjeed Shiee
    • Bites Macintosh
    • Takeru Yamato
    • Kitajima (hidden unlockable)
    • Elein (hidden unlockable, guest character from Gaiapolis)
    • Alex (hidden unlockable)
    • Pastel (hidden unlockable, guest character from the TwinBee series)

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