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    Battlefield 1943

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 08, 2009

    Return to the Pacific Theater in this simpler, downloadable, console-exclusive sequel to the massive World War II first-person shooter Battlefield 1942. It was later shut down on December 2023.

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    Multiplayer mayhem on the cheap 0

    I've had a somewhat up and down experience with the Battlefield franchise- I enjoy the basic Battlefield formula, but the games' extreme focus on online multiplayer have always made them feel a bit overpriced to me. However, when Battlefield 1943 burst onto the scene as a small downloadable title, I was instantly sold. It may not contain the quantity of goodies that a full scale game would have, but that doesn't stop Battlefield 1943 from being one of the absolute best multiplayer experiences yo...

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    A downloadable delight. 3

    Battlefield 1943 is a lot like Battlefield Bad Company; they both use the frostbite engine, they both have destructible environments and they are both great. The biggest differences between the two though are the little things that really make them stand apart, and as the owner of both games I can tell you that they offer enough differences to warrant owning both games. Bombing run at Wake Island Now, lets talk about Battlefield 1943. The game itself consists of 3 maps (as well as an unlockable...

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    Video Review Battlefield 1943 1

    Let's cut to the chase, this is one of the best packages for your hard earned cash and is definitely worth a download for any FPS fan. With that said I can continue with my reasons. This is down to the fact of how DICE has managed to create a big game for a small asking price, creating a somewhat mini version of Bad Company whilst bringing fond memories back to fans of Battlefield 1942.This is a multiplayer title only offering 24 players to duke it out across three maps, and a fourth to be added...

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    A Brilliant Update to a Classic 5

    When details of Battlefield 1943 first surfaced, many longtime fans were concerned that it would be a watered-down, consolized shadow of BF1942.  Luckily, those worries were for naught.  BF1943 isn’t just a great for an XBLA game, it offers dramatic improvements over its predecessor and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves Battlefield. For me, Battlefield 1942 was always about creating epic battles straight out of a Hollywood WWII movie.  It accomplished that goal with aplomb, but it was ofte...

    8 out of 12 found this review helpful.

    Battlefield 1943 is Awesome! 1

    I dont have any aspirations to be a games journalist so im not going to bother you with a full in-depth review of this game like some. Instead, im just going to tell you my thoughts after playing a few hours.For a start, this is the Battlefield gameplay that made the series so popular. Nothing much new, just the tried and tested formula which is great and works well. Graphics look awesome and remind me of Farcry's and the sound is also excellent and makes the guns in COD4 sound like toy guns. As...

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    Proven Battlefield gameplay with few extras. 12

    The classic Battlefield formula is back in this download only sequel to the popular Battlefield 1942. For only 15 dollars, you'll be treated to the same Conquest game mode and all the action that accompanies it, which makes this game ideal for Battlefield devotees. However, despite the addictive gameplay of Conquest mode, the game feels a bit stripped. Though somewhat understandable for a download only game, it definitely hinders the replay value and the long-lasting impression of Battlefield 19...

    7 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    Excitement- Battlefield 1943, ik-sahyt-muhnt, noun. 0

    Let's get this out of the way, first. When Battlefield 1943 was released, it had quite a bit of issues. A games launch can honestly probably not get much worse than Battlefields, seeing as it was totally unplayable. Also, sitting at the start screen, tapping A over and over again is not really a fun thing to review. After maybe 2 days of work on their servers, the game was finally really ready to launch.And launch it did. The time waiting for it was totally worth it, despite it not having much d...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Not too bad if you are looking for a cheap thrill 1

    Let me start off by saying if you enjoy any Battlefield game, you will most likely enjoy this one. Battlefield 1943 is a scaled down version of it's predecessor Battlefield 1942. DICE has truly given the gamer a fun, cheap game that pays off in bucket loads.  ProsThe engine of this game is fantastic. If you can remember playing Bad Company and drooling at the explosions, oggling at the ability to drive a tank through a building or a treeline, then you should be excited to learn that the engine t...

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    A Technically Stunning XBLA Game with Some Odd Design Choices 0

    I am a huge fan of the Battlefield series, and I have a very strong connection to it. Battlefield 1942 was my first online First Person Shooter. I was so excited when I heard Battlefield 1942 was going to be remade on current-gen consoles. My expectations were very high going into Battlefield 1943, but as it turned out Battlefield 1943 is less of just a port to current-gen and more of a dumbed-down Battlefield to adhere to console gamers. The developers seemed to try to make a more casual Battle...

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    Cheap Multiplayer Classic 0

    Battlefield 1943 is an interesting experiment coming from longtime Battlefield developer DICE, with the backing of EA. The game has had a rocky launch with just about everything possible going wrong. Servers crashing, players not connecting, party system not working, people dying, MASS HYSTERIA. Despite its launch problems, Battlefield 1943 manages to be a stellar game built upon the groundwork of Battlefield Bad Company. Gameplay in Battlefield 1943 is as one could expect. Bear with me if you’...

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    Battlefield 1943 0

    In a market dominated by shooters, it is inevitable that the usual run-and-shoot gameplay that comes with these games will begin to become a bore to most players; after all, how long can one play Call of Duty before the excitement of grenades exploding and spawn camping becomes as dull as a rock? Battlefield 1943 manages to avoid this curse in a stellar way because of its large-scale multiplayer battles, accessability, and overall unique charm, especially for a Playstation Network game only pric...

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    A Praiseworthy Battlefield Game, Neglected By It's Creators 1

     Allow me to start off by saying. $15 for a downloadable game that has fully destructible environments, absolutely massive maps, quality graphics, and timeless replayablility is almost a steal. Battlefield 1943 is, in my opinion, the best Battlefield game aside from the Bad Company series. Both use the same game engine by the way. But what 1943 has done splendidly is once again invigorate the WWII Battlefield 19XX series to it's proud stand-point.   GRAPHICS: The graphics in 1943 completely surp...

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    A Bite Sized Battlefield 0

        The Battlefield series has paved its way into the hearts of many PC gamers by offering large scale skirmishes alongside teamwork and strategy. This time, developer DICE has rehashed one of its older first-person shooters, BF: 1942, and bite sized it to fit at a $15 dollar price point. Oh how pleasant.       The new Battlefield: 1943 sticks to the classic BF formula with its territories-like game mode.  Several flags are sprawled out on one of the three current maps, and its your job to captu...

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    Rock, Paper, Scissors, tank. 9

    I picked up this game thinking it would be as fun as the old school 1942, and also based on pretty much every review I read.  Then after playing through all the maps twice I came away disappointed that they didn't change much at all.  The reduction of classes was a good start, but its still flawed.  Everything is based off the chance that the class you picked will work in the situation that's presented to you.  Except you don't know whats coming after you.  If you picked infantry and a tank star...

    3 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    Babys First Battlefield 0

    This Wednesday a game came out that I have been following for quite a while. DICE's Battlefield 1943 for the Xbox Live Arcade. It was being hyped as this summers big multiplayer game. And from the first day of sales where over eighty thousand people bought the game it seems like it will live up to the hype. For the first few hours after i bought it at 9am all was fine, than i started getting random lockups of my 360, not being able to sync up my EA account with the game. This all came to a head ...

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    Battlefield at its finest. 0

    There was undoubtedly a lot of skepticism about a Battlefield 1942 remake with one game mode and three maps when 1943 was announced. After all, that's not exactly a lot of content compared to the other downloadable games on the PlayStation Store and XBOX Live arcade. Fortunately, this lack of content is forgiveable in 1943 because rather than actually limit the game's longevity, it simply highlights the amount of variety in the gameplay; so much that the game doesn't need any more content. The c...

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    Battlefield 1943 (PS3) Review 0

    Review from:  http://bngames.basicallynothing.comI thought long and hard about what game I was going to review first, Killzone 2 was the game that came to mind first, but I figured id stick with something not everyone has played yet, and something Ive been playing allot of.  Seeing as this is my first text review for the site im going to breakup the review into four sections, we can tweak the format later to see what works best for future reviews.  The categories are as follows:  Story, Presenta...

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    Battlefield 1943 Review 0

    Battlefield 1942 was a landmark in multiplayer gaming- supporting up to 64 players on huge, well designed maps and a multitude of vehicles including planes, boats and tanks. It was so popular in fact that it is still played by many to this day. 7 years later, EA hopes that by just recycling 3 maps, reducing the player count to 24 and halving the number of soldier classes it can produce another gem. Can a lower price tag justify these cuts, or does this World War 2 shooter feel as stale as all th...

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    Yep, This Is Battlefield 0

    In a nutshell, Battlefield 1943 is the gameplay of Bad Company on the maps of Battlefield 1942. If you loved Bad Company and fancy the idea of playing more like it, 1943 will certainly scratch that itch. If you missed Bad Company, you have brought shame upon your family, but you can redeem yourself by purchasing this great online-only shooter. While the classic Battlefield style of sandbox gunplay feels great on the gamepad, the most impressive thing about 1943 is the fact that it is a downloada...

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    Battlefield revival. 0

    I had only played the demo for Battlefield 1942 long ago, and remember it being a ton of fun, after deleting that off my computer I hadn't played anymore battlefield games besides a quick look at 2142, in which I didn't like sadly.So here I was wanting to play a WW2 shooter and Battlefield 1943 was being released, so I downloaded it, expecting it to be pretty good, I knew it couldn't be a bad game.Well my first match I did pretty horrible, I started off as a rifleman on the map Wake Island, I be...

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    Battlefield 1943 0

    Battlefield 1943 -I got this game as part of Battlefield Bad Company 2 : Ultimate Edition (which I Initially only wanted to get because the 'Vietnam' DLC...but anyways...)I had seen this (BF1943) on XBL marketplace and to my shame passed it up a couple of times - mainly because it was a live marketplace game (dlc small memory constraints etc) and unfortunately back then I didn't quite know just how impressive the game would be.Also it seemed a little pricey @1200 MS points for what I thought was...

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    Not as fully featured, but it still just as fun 0

     DICE and EA have really been expanding on the Battlefield Series lately. In 2008 they released Battlefield: Bad Company, which was the series’ first outing on consoles. Earlier this year they released the free to play browser based Battlefield Heroes, and now we have Battlefield 1943, a $15 multiplayer only Battlefield game for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Compared to the full priced Battlefield games, 1943 is more of a focused experience. There are only three classes, four vehicles, and thr...

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    Fifteen Bucks Worth of Awesome 0

    When you're low on cash and out of a job, it's kind of hard to summon the willpower to buy a video game. You also have to be cautious with your purchase because it might be the only thing you'll be playing for a while, so you have to pick something that will be worth what's the money you can spend on games. Battlefield 1943 is definitely worth the 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).   Some may complain about it only being  multiplayer game, but it is a really good multiplayer game. The ground combat is...

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    Battlefield moments in download form. 0

    Battlefield moments are truly a hallmark of any title with Battlefield in the title.  My favorite from playing 1943 was as I was running alongside a friendly tank as an enemy airplane swoops down to bomb it.  The tank exploded right next to me making me wonder how I even survived.  Just to my right is an anti-aircraft gun that shot down the enemy aircraft in an explosion above my head.  The resulting debris from the falling aircraft continues to fly over my head directly into the anti-aircr...

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    The most accessible shooter of the year 0

    Battlefield 1943 excels as a fun and enjoyable  multiplayer first person shooter. Stripped of complexity and perfectly balanced, it proved to be a hit with both shooter aficionados and more laid back players alike. The easy to master controls (with the exception of the plane) and non-stop action mean there is never a dull moment and no frustration. A sub £12 price-point made Battlefield 1943 one of the best value games of the year.    ...

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    Most boring game 0

    At first this game was fun, but after a  couple matches I realized that it is repetitive and boring. There are only 3 classes and only 3 maps. The only game type is capture the bases and every match is the same. The matches go on for 20 minutes and are drawn out. The only reason I'm playing is to get my last achievement Tour of Duty  (And I'm not even playing - I put a coat hangar on the right stick so my camera spins so I don't get booted for being afc. I understand that it is an arcade game an...

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    A Different War 0

         Based off the publishers of Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 1943 is a first person shooter expected to not displease us. Is this arcade game an expected smash hit or should we stick with Call of Duty?                   Positive: Vehicle AbilitiesMassive MapsCool WeaponsNice VisualsGood ControlsGreat GameplayRanking system                    Negative: Some funky controlsLack of storyNeeds more weaponsNo Customization             Overall its a decent arcade game which I think you should ...

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    A standard for all future downloadable games 0

     Battlefield 1943 is a testament to what downloadable games have become and should be. The game has amazing graphics, great gameplay, and all for a great price. Battlefield 1943 is sort of a sequel to 2002's Battlefield 1942. This games features 3 maps (not including a 4th airplane only map that was unlocked recently), 3 classes, one game mode. You think "Man, thats not much" and you are right it isn't but the asking price isn't much and the gameplay is addictive. First of all, the graphics are ...

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    A Decent Download-Only Title That You'll Grow To Love Or Hate 0

    Swedish developer DICE is best known for their popular multiplayer franchise, Battlefield. The series started out on the PC in everybody's favorite war, World War II, and continued to evolve over the years. It steadily grew to become one of the most popular franchises out there and eventually made it's way to other consoles with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. This title brought the Frostbite engine into play, allowing players to demolish buildings and other structures as well as trees....

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    Holds its own in the online shooter genre and at a great price. 0

    After a couple of modern day outings and an incredibly destructive new take on the series, the much loved FPS series Battlefield is going back to its roots thanks to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. The sequel to the grandad of Battlefield games, Battlefield 1943 launched in mid-June as a download only title for just £10/$15. Despite only having 4 maps and 2 game modes, the same fun and addicting gameplay ensures that EA and DICE's latest offering will keep you nicely entertained until...

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    Old War, New Look 0

    Since the autumn of 2002 Battlefield has become a monument of PC gaming. Every iteration in the series still maintains a strong player base, thanks to the epic 64-player multiplayer battles and the iconic, legendary battles of World War II.  Now, seven years later, Battlefield makes its return to World War II and this time it brings the fight to Xbox 360 and PS3. Now the game is priced at $15 (1200 MS Points) and does not feature the many battles that were included in 1942. This is a game that,...

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    Despite Server frustration this is a great game in a great series 0

    Everyone played the groundbreaking and mind blowing Battlefield 1942, full of action, variety and pure fun. Now we have Battlefield 1943, a game that takes the same core game play elements, and brings them into the next generation. Gameplay: Fun and variedThe gameplay in Battlefield 1943 is really the big piece of the puzzle for the game, and it fits in nicely. The controls are great like any battlefield game, where they seamlessly move from FPS, to Airplane, to Jeep, to Tank, to Transport Boat....

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    Battlefield drops an A-Bomb 0

    Battlefield 1943 is a downloadable multiplayer, set in the Pacific Theater of World War II. When details of the game dropped, I simply didn't pay much attention, as I was skeptical any downloadable title would deliver the type of experience you could get on a full $60 game.Battlefield surprised me, and hopefully other developers will follow its formula. A quick $15 download has provided hours of fun and variety - without cutting too many corners. There are two aspects to the title which other de...

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    Read my review of Battlefield 1943! I'm very wise.. 0

    Title: Battlefield 1943Reviewed By: Cameron DupuyGraphics: While Battlefiled 1943 is definitely not the prettiest shooter out there, there is a crispness and polish to the environments and visual effects that can go toe to toe with any big budget shooter currently out there. The water in particular is magnificent looking. Some of the other great little graphical tweaks made to Battlefield 1943 is the sound design and destruction you can cause on these lush tropical islands. From entire houses be...

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    Still the same, fantastic team-based battles 0

    Despite the accumulating moldiness of the war theme seen in so many games, DICE’s Battlefield series has rarely disappointed with its persistent installments. The newest entry, Battlefield 1943, streamlines the franchise through Xbox Live Arcade faithfully, plunging you into sprawling Pacific war zones as a soldier in the US Marine Corps or Imperial Japanese Navy. What’s more, 1943 only costs 1200 Microsoft points, so it’s easy to forgive the lack of map and mode variety and occasional frustrati...

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    The Welcome Return of one of the Greatest Shooters of all Time 0

    Back in 2001, an ambitious FPS MMO called World War II Online was released.  Although it was plagued with technical issues and was overly focused on "realisim," at its heart was a brilliant idea -- recreate World War II as an online shooter with a mix of infantry, armory, aircraft and artillery.  Despite a slow pace and frequent deaths and long hikes after respawn, World War II Onlline held moments that had never been experienced before in an online shooter -- such as a pinned down squad being s...

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    Battlefield 1943 Review - A 0

    Ever since DICE released the original Battlefield 1942, they’ve been making the same amazing multiplayer experience throughout the century and now 7 years later, they’ve come back to what they started. Battlefield 1943 is the spiritual successor to the original class based online multiplayer first-person  shooter experience. While the game uses a new engine, much more beautiful visuals, and has only 3 maps, the game remains true to the original. I’ve played many games in the series. I especially...

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    This game is, quite simply put, outstanding. 0

    There's been a lot of debate during the run up to it's release over whether this game was worth the price tag and whether it would be a stripped down 'console-ified' version on 1942. Whilst I certainly didn't think that Bad Company's multiplayer World War Two has never been this... fresh.was as good as a Battlefield game on the PC, I found myself experiencing nearly every part of Battlefield that I love in this quasi-sequel without any (or at least most) of the flaws I had come to expect in the ...

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    A low price Battlefield that feels like a full price game 0

    This is a great example of what other publishers should do: Release a low price game that offers a great multiplayer experience like a full game should feel like, and Battlefield 1943 is a great example of this. When I first buy it and I couldn't get online because there were too many people on the server, I thought that I shouldn't had bought the game (1200ms points or 15 dlls) because I had Battlefield Bad Company and I can play it wherever I want... but I was wrong when I started playing the ...

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    Love playing Battlefield 1943! 0

    This has to be one of the arcade games I have looked forward to most since the Xbox came out. Could be I was influenced by all the hours of fun I had with 1942 when it came out back in the day and how many of my non-gamer friends that would get excited about going to the local lan gaming spot for a BF night. Was a little worried the first day nothing worked but I finally was able to get on a server tonight and played 2 hours straight and had to tear myself away from it or I would have played i...

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