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Battlefield On A PS2? Why not? 0

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat marks the debut of the EA's hit franchise on the PlayStation2 system and the first time they have taken the ground breaking series off of its well established computer roots. Though it may not be as captivating as the computer counterpart, it does pretty well in the fierce, competitive world of shooters on the console. Bringing its unique style to the table, Battlefield has always been about un-compromised, unrelenting combat on foot, in the sky, or behind the seat o...

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A good time online 0

     (This review was written 4-20-2006)Battlefield 2 for the 360 is a fast paced,team based, fps that is best played online for the best experience. Ive been playing Modern Combat on the 360 since it came out, and while it is the game i play most, its not without flaws.For being "Modern" ..., where are the jets? No "modern" battlefield in the world exists without jets. Small complaint, but the pc version seems to be more realistic.I have a very fast connection but still experience occasional la...

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One of the best multiplayer console shooters every to land on ear 0

Wow, after downloading the BF2:MC demo and giving this game a try. I knew I had to get it. A long time back, I rented this game before I had Xbox Live, and thought it was okay, but of course, I didn't have access to multiplayer, so I was missing about 70% of the Battlefield 2 experience. But then when I got Xbox Live, this game became a huge part of my Xbox life. Lets get the single-player over with, since the multiplayer is what this game is about. There is a campaign which takes place in a fic...

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performance review time. please sit down battlefield. 0

Now then. I see you actually did pretty well on last year's performance review, which is why I have to say management is surprised and concerned at how you've slipped this time around. We're assuming you're not taking extra coffee breaks and the like but we have to ask; with having brought so little to the table with you this time, what exactly have you been doing with all the extra time?Let's get right to some of the performance issues at hand shall we? It would appear this time around you ship...

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