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Battlefield 2 is...

like a drug this game takes you into global conflicts with different armies such as the USMC and MEC. One of the first things you want to before you get online and play with people on servers is play a couple of single player rounds to get your skill up. guns are fairly balanced with a definite versatility to some and unique. While you do need a fairly powerful pc to run this game it will be worth it you will be logging hours in no time and gaining ranks online.

Now that the informal introduction has been made i will talk sound. The background music to the main menu and loading screens will put you into the helms of the middle east. If they had a soundtrack for this game i would buy it. One of the best things though is how real the guns and other weapons in the game are. When you fire an AK is sounds like an AK. That’s really all i have to say for sound, its superb, great, and very intense and involves you more in the action.

The Graphics in this game are far better than its predecessors such as BFV of BF1942. While I did own all of them at one time the graphics in this has surpassed an even palpable surprise. All the player models are done in high res textures and the spanning environments of the battlefield make sure there is never a dull texture on anything. Literally everything looks the way it should.

The Game play of course is solid in both online and offline play. You can have fun with either. The Physics in the game are of course havoc engine but work wonderfully. Cause when people die to fly up if it by artillery or be pushed backwards if hit by the shotgun. Explosions in the gamer are wonderfully illustrated you will have fun seeing parts of vehicles and builds go places when you denote it with some C4.

This game is an highly addictive game kind of like ecstasy in Britain. You will have hours of fun with this, and almost never get bored. With everything solid except for the in game browser being a little clunky and mine has quit working but besides that this game is wonderful. Everything done to an extent of persistent tranquility. Even if that tranquility involves killing someone.

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