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Great Game, Different Than Other Games

Ok, lets get the fact that this is not CS, HL2, or any FPS like them. This kind of FPS follows the idea that as long as you have vehicles, the size of the map doesn't matter, and people like a real life battle experience. And this is why I am somewhat dissapointed with this game. I don't play games to wait for a vehicle to spawn, or to waste stamina in less than 5 feet, or to jump in a helicopter only to be shot down a few seconds after takeoff. I play games to have fun, to be put in intense fire-fights, and to take down a bunch of players before I meet my demise.

This game is good for the audience it is trying to attract however; those who wish to have an authentic, large scale battle with others online. The battlefield series class based systems and vehicles makes this like no other game avaliable. So if you like the sounds of that, there is no reason not to check this game out.

Gameplay: There are a few reason why you might get frustrated with the gameplay when you start playing. First off, the vehicles are at most times worthless and pose as an annoyance rather than a true threat. If you put three players vs. a tank (all with full health, with at least one player having a rocket launcher or C4 charges); my money is unexpectedly on the 3 players. There are moments were you can reak havok on other players with vehicles though, but as soon as they respawn, chances are you're gonna get blown up soon. 

The aircraft are hard to control, and I'm sure they can be mastered with time, but as an FPS, they should have dumbed down the skill needed to operate such cool parts of the game. The weapons seem underpowered at times,  taking more than a few shots to the head to kill when the pings are off or when your at a considerable distance. The capture-the-points gameplay does get worn after awhile, because it ends up with you running to a flag, capturing it, leaving to capture another one, but then turning around and capturing the flag you had just captured because you lost it to the enemy right after you left.

Graphics: A beautiful game. This screams with authenticity to uniforms, weapons, and lanscapes of the sort, it is one of the features that I enjoyed most of all about the game (it not as good as current gen games, but when you see a mortar strike hit as a helicopter flies by shooting enemy troops, you'll be impressed). The vehicles, the houses, and distinct landmarks... make it interesting to to look at.

Sound: Also, a great part of this game. The sounds of battle, the vehicles roaring, the guns blazing beside you as you defend the point, the deafening blow and ringing in your ears after a bomd strikes your location... all these put you into the shoes of a soldier, and make the world come to life.

Value: There's ranks to gain, weapons to unlock (upgrades for specific classes, like new guns), different classes to master, and tons of stratagies avalable to you, if you like the core gameplay of this sort, there is no reason why you shouldn't get months, or even years of fun killing others online.

Overall: As I said before, this game is great for people wanting a realife experience of battle, but for those like Me, who want fast pasted action, to engage in ( for lack of better words) "house-house" action, this game is clunky and doesn't offer the gameplay you like. Add to that crashing issuses, slow menus, and the longest loading times I've ever seen in a FPS , and this game just seems to fall short of its true potential. I do realize that some people enjoy realism games, and this game offers that in a way you will enjoy. In the end though, all that matters is your own preferences, and if you like this sort of game, it does the job well.  

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