Can't install Battlefield 3 on Impulse

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A friend recently got me a very generous Gamestop gift card with enough money to buy BF3. Since I was sick however, instead of purchasing it at a gamestop, I decided to use their Impulse service instead.

God knows why.

So I have two drives, a small SSD for my OS and a 2 TB hard drive. Impulse says it can't download BF3 because I need more space on my SSD. I tried changing the install directories to my main drive, but it says I can't move the temp folder to any other drive but the SSD.

$59.99 is a lot of money. Any ideas?

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@TheDeadComedian: Do you have the activation code/cd key/what the fuck ever its called? Download Origin, and just enter the key there. I did that with the key I bought from Amazon and it worked fine.

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