Free for people who own Sim City....

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and premium is on sale, meaning you can get BF3 + Premium for a grand total of $25.

Even if you are only going to play casually that is a lot of game for $25.

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Duders should get on that. Total steal.

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Yeah, I figured I would try to spread the word as best I could.

I have never even played BF3 before, but I figured for $25 what do I have to lose?

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I would suggest not getting battlefield 3 as your free game if you want premium because for 29.99 you get Battlefield 3 Premium Edition and you could opt for another free game

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I could have got Premium Edition for $5 more, but I already own all the games being offered (except Dead Space 3), and I have no interest whatsoever in Dead Space 3. So I saved the $5 by getting BF3 for free and then buying Premium for $25.

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That's a fine consolation prize.

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That's a pretty good deal, y'all. BF3 has the best multiplayer I've played this gen.

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