Game Freezing Up During Multiplayer

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So I was away from Battlefield 3 for a bit while trying to catch up with my pile of unplayed games. I just jumped back in recently and in almost every match, it would eventually freeze up. I would die, it would load, then it just locked up. Out of the 5 matches I played, I only got to see the end of one because when I joined said game, it was nearly over. I have everything downloaded including the multiplayer patches. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this as well, and how to possibly fix it?

I play on 360 by the way.

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I have this issue sometimes when loading up the game from the dashboard. I just see a black screen with blinking cursor in the bottom, after a few seconds my 360 freezes and I have to powercycle it. What solved it for me was emptying the system cache in the settings.

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