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I used to play a lot of PC shooters with a mouse and keyboard as a teenager, I was pretty much a beast at Unreal Tournament. The problem is that since then I have developed a pretty bad tremor and can't really manage any tasks that require a precise and steady hand, such as using a mouse for first person shooters.

My question is, if I play this with a controller on PC, am I going to be totally fucked? All my friends who play this game have it on PC, so if I buy this game it's going to be through Origin, but I don't want to get it if I'm going to be completely useless and drag my team down. Can I be anything more than cannon fodder?

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You can pass out health packs and do other support stuff, but I don't think you'll be much in a combat role.

The great thing about this game is that it rewards that sort of behavior pretty well. Frantically keeping everyone alive and healthy can be just as fun as keeping the enemy dead. At least, that was some of my experience on the console side of things.

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I'd say you could still have fun and help a bit.

I've never tried with my Xbox controller of course but I'd imagine it wouldn't affect you much in vehicles so maybe you could be the team chopper pilot or fly the planes.

Even tanks and other vehicles should be pretty playable with a controller.

As far as gunning it, you may not win in a close quarters battle but if you're a sniper (aka a soulless devil) or someone that hangs back a bit I'm sure you could pick some people off.

Maybe just adjust your play style a bit, having the speed of a mouse may not matter if they don't see you or if you see them first.

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People don't have quakelike reactions and CS-like aiming in BF3, from what I've seen. You should be OK with a controller. Especially considering you have several choices when it comes to roles that don't require shooting your rifle dead-on.

You could try getting really good at flying jets, which should be much easier with a controller anyway. Or you can specialize in tank-driving and repairing. Or simply being the guy on your squad who stays alive and acts as a respawn beacon.

I wouldn't worry about it unless you really enjoy being the top predator on the server.

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Vehicles air and ground are doable with a controller.

Normal firearms however you will be at a severe disadvantage with. I play on PC, my brother plays on the console we watch each others games a lot; the reaction time, accuracy and time to kill of people on the two platforms is night and day.

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You'll be able to contribute if you think smart  and focus on helping your team.  As for combat, try to pick tools that will not require as much precision.  You can use shotguns with any of the game's classes, two packs of C4 will destroy any vehicle, and the mortar will let you sit back and pound an area with shells.
You might also be interested in a series of features done by a disabled GameInformer intern on the subject of accessibility in games.  Googling the subject will bring up a ton of other useful sources as well.

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Okay, thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it. I played dozens of hours as a medic on Wolfenstein: ET so I feel fairly comfortable taking a support role and letting my team mates do the heavy lifting of murdering dudes. I'll give it a go, and if all goes wrong, I'll role play a field medic/engineer who is awful with guns.

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Going to second the advice that you should be able to find good roles with a controller. Even a Support player using a bipod mounted gun to suppress the enemy at choke points or defensive positions would be good. Or yes a little run 'n gun with a shotgun should out well. The main thing that would be a disadvantage would be running out in the open as that is when the reaction time really comes into play.

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